Measurement Conv.

Measurements in the metric system are pretty straight forward while the Imperial system is not.

Here are the basics. Otherwise I suggest you purchase a measuring cup that has both the imperial and the metric system. Getting dl cups and imperial cups is also a short cut.

Dry measurements

1 cup = 2,4 dl

1/2 cup = 1,2 dl

1/4 cup = 0,6 dl

1/3 cup = 0,8 dl

TBS and tsp are the same.

1 ounce =28,4 grams

1 cup butter is equal to 225 gr.

Liquid measurements

8 oz. = 1 cup, 227 dl

Not all flours and or sugars are made alike. This can make some recipes difficult if you happen to find yourself using ingredients in another country.


Sugars come from many different sources sugar cane, sugar beats… this means that the strength and the taste of the sugar differs.

Brown Sugar

In the US& UK is much sweeter and wetter than what you will find in Sweden and Denmark. Muscvado sugar which is farily new to Scandinavia is the closest you will find to the US and UK version. They also have a  sugar called brunfarin which is a brown granulated sugar that is similar to brown sugar but not the real thing.


There are different flours for different recipes. Try and make nan bread with regular flour and your going to fail you have to have a durum flour. However that isn’t the only difference. The wheat and the processing will change the way in which the flour will behave thus one needs to expect a few differences in the final result. You may even need to adjust your recipes to accommodate your region.


Also differs. I find Swedish butter to be more oily than US butter thus when making cookies I use less. The spreadable butters you find in Europe are not meant for baking they are soft for the simple reason they have oils added to them to make them more pliable. Thus buying baking butter is essential.


Each country has it’s own way of butchering it’s meats. Thus you will have to look far and wide to get a rib eye steak in Europe. While a Swedish fläskkarré (pork chop) while being the best BBQ meat on the planet will not be found anywhere else. All you can do is learn to work with the cuts available.