Sunk ställe, greasy spoon, dive bar. Favorites

Here is a small list of my favorite places that while rather unsavory in some ways make up for it with character and good food.



There is one thing all sunk ställe in Sweden must have to earn the name and that is the Jack Vegas poker machine. It’s a gold mine of income for the restaurant and a gold mine for pulling in a certain kind of clientèle. No I am not snob, just have never really understood the allure of a machine that will at best give you a slim 500 sek for all of your best effort. None the less, Jack Vegas machine or no the food in some of these places can be down right grubbin. What’s more  it’s oddly it is often the sunk bar that has the best cleanliness at least in Sweden.

Spice Bar

I have past this place on many occasions and thought nah can’t be good what Indian place in Malmö is any good. Well not non that I know of. Thus, a happy surprise when my best Terrell took us there.

While not all dishes are to be recommended what is to be recommended is fresh and well made. How do I know this? Well, when I find whole cinnamon sticks and cardamom seeds you know they aren’t using the jar popping spices.The beer is cheap, service friendly and the bartenders will be happy to DJ your requests from their folder of discs. Just get there before the football starts lessen of course you like the football. (Soccer for the merkins).

Dishes I recommend.

Keep in mind that Indian is something you should share with the table that way you get lot’s more to experience so be cooperative. And don’t forget your doggy bag.

Anything Lentil, chana bhuna, sag dal,

Spinach and cheese dish, palak ponir

Lamb over beef, the beef is a bit chewy and could use some more cooking time.

PRICE: Reasonable

CLEANLINESS: Above standard

ADRESS: Bergsgatan 43 | 214 22 Malmö


This wagon wheel clad spot is filled with well people that like the sauce a little too much. BUT the hamburgers are to die for. They are no frills hamburgers, but tasty all the same with homemade patties. In fact I am now tempted to try the chef’s special-fish soup.

PRICE: Great 79 sek for a hamburger and all the fixin’s.


ADDRESS: Kristianstadsg. 36, 214 35 MALMÖ

United States 


Racer Bar 

Racer Bar is one of those off the wall strip mall places. This is new to me the strip mall bar. Then again my drinking days began in Old Town Sacramento which shortly moved towards Europe.

Racer Bar is well a racer bar with hot chicks behind the bar. So, if you are a feminist junky this is not your place. Before you start to read me my rights as women I have to say I have seen more respect at this spot than in a lot of other types of venues.

Especially considering this:

We discovered Racer Bar while staying at my Gran’s for a summer visit. It was close by and a perfect spot to pop down to when cabin fever started to set in. It was on one of these visits we saw there ws going to be a bikini carwash fundraiser over the weekend. Being that The Man had never seen anything like it we thought we would stop by. And so we did. There wasn’t a car or a sud anywhere to be seen in the parking lot so we thought well let’s go in. In front of us on this afternoon was a room filled with men and two girls behind the bar in cowboy hats, boots and…bikini’s. At first I was unsure of where to look and felt very conspicuos as the only female customer. But, why let that get between me and a clamato. So we sat down and tucked into our beers.

We kept wondering about what happened to the carwash. I thought maybe it was just a theme and excuse to have girls behind the bar in bikini’s. Turns out that no indeed we arrived on the wrong day. That bikini’s behind the bar was a normal event in these parts. Consideirng that in W. Hollywood we were at a couple venues with topless guys behind the bars, albeit not for the female pleasure, I just got past my initial discomfort and had a good time. All behaved like gentleman and the cabin fever was quenched.

Racer Bar is a pretty chill spot owned and operated by an ex. race car driver. The clientelle is casual and the place is very clean.  Besides the bikini girls on the odd day you also have the buxom blond who has been there well I think since it opened.

3812 Pierce St.

Riverside, Ca 92503