Hungry for some Oscar Mayer Bologna? For the Expat.

Bologna sandwiches, while not entirely the most nutritional thing on the plant, are worthy of a food craving now and again. Or maybe it’s just childhood memory that keeps it coming. Mork and… Continue reading

I WANT YOU for a cooking challenge.

Do we all swing back and forth between a feeling of great confidence and utter ineptitude? I certainly do. I know that we all do. It’s a sign that we are growing and… Continue reading

Let the experimenting begin-Stinging Nettles

As I mentioned before Spring is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can tell because the Lady Bugs are out and about in full force. This kind of gives me the heebie geebies. How can such a… Continue reading

Spring is here and the closet pedantic is back in form.

I am well known for being a bit distracted. Back in the day I could walk into my home for 2 min. be ready to walk back out and irrevocably lose my keys… Continue reading

Super Easy Tempura Batter

Last night I decided to experiment with some squid filets I bought frozen. My plan is to eventually figure out how the Rusty Pelican made the battered calamari steak I had back in… Continue reading

Orangette-New favorite food blog.

Never mind that Molly Wizenberg kicks my photography ass! The weirdest thing is we have so much in common. She started her blog while in the middle of a career change. ME  TOO!… Continue reading

How to get your man/lady to make you breakfast in bed.

Sprain your ankle by biking into the curb in a slow motion crash. And yes I cried. Like a girl. Cause it hurt! Or hurted as my dear friend T Dog likes to… Continue reading

Eggplant Parmesan- my second most loved recipe.

I am giving up all my best recipes way too soon. Let’s hope I start creating new best recipes! I ate this the once many, many years ago at a restaurant in Sacramento.… Continue reading

Restaurant Review-Metro

Metro March 2010 Metro didn’t really hold the measure all the way through. The Man really liked his steak and potatoes while our friend and I were less impressed by our meals. I… Continue reading

IKEA Veggie Medallions-Take 2

I decided to make a second attempt at the IKEA Veggie Medallions for Easter dinner. Here are the changes I have made to the recipe. It is still not there to 100%, but… Continue reading