Restaurang Asien

Restaurang Asien July 2010 Better be careful what I say here! No need to start a family feud. It just so happens The Man’s brother’s girlfriend is niece to the owner etc. etc. In… Continue reading

Goulash or Beef Stew? Well it turned out to stew.

The weather yesterday turned gray, wet, windy and reminiscent of winter. The weather forecast predicts more of the same for another 6 days or more. UGH in a refusal to admit winter is… Continue reading

This might explain childhood pickiness at the table.

I grew up in a house where you ate what was on your plate or else. Which meant I spent a good deal of time staring at the brussel sprouts on my plate.… Continue reading

Mitt i Maten at Mellby Skolan- A Huge Disappointment

Mitt i Maten, Mellby Skolan utanför Kivik Unfortunately a lovely little restaurant is no more. As it’s been a few years since I last visited  the restaurant I remember, I am not entirely… Continue reading

Mattias Moleskin #5-Flat Bean and Asparagus with Lemon Saute.

Of course I failed to take a photo last night. Oh well. . . The Man had this or I shall say something that tasted like this at Tempo. I wasn’t all that… Continue reading

So I don’t forget.

Here is a link and a bit of history about the Dough God. A childhood favorite of mine. Yum! Not good for you at all!

Mix Mat, City Gross in Rosengård, where the white cabbage is wide.

Rosengård became an international celebrity not that long ago when an ultra conservative Christian group from the US began to use the ills of Rosengård as an example. An example of what? Of… Continue reading

Nanami No Frills Sushi at No Frills Prices-I approve.

Nanami July 2010 Having been craving sushi for the last week I decide it was time for a solitary lunch with some raw fish and pads of rice. We talked about Nanami last… Continue reading

Old man fists, my fists and The Man in Italy.

That I am using a Croatian keyboard might lead you to believe my typing skills have deteriorated beyond belief. The Z is where the Y should be. Never knew how popular Y was… Continue reading

Broccoli, Black Bean and Chickpea Pancakes

As of tomorrow I am officially going on a two week hiatus I think. Not sure depends I guess on how much internet access I have and how motivated I am to blog… Continue reading