Quail and Pomegranate Sauce.

During a bit of grocery store tourism in Copenhagen we happened upon frozen quail and cornish game hens. Cornish game hens have been a long favorite, the meal I always requested for my… Continue reading

Kitchen Tip-How to get rid of fruit flies!

In Sweden August is aliased rötmånad, direct translation-the month of rot. Being a northern climate with a high humidity factor August is the month when food begins to rot almost overnight. This year… Continue reading

Restaurant Review Cafe Sommarsko-Copenhagen

After a lovely party and over night at Trephene’s, she dropped us off at the train station. As we were heading to the platform The Man did a Max’s Mom works at Polern… Continue reading

Junk Food warning-Langos! Festival or Home Made

. . Being a big fan of the deep fried, Langos have been on my list of must have now as of late. Langos via Hungry began to invade the Swedish Festival’s a… Continue reading

Chicken Kiev

I haven’t tried this yet. I just found it while looking for a langos recipe. I have always done Chicken Kiev the hard way. Pounding out the chicken breast. Putting the frozen butter… Continue reading

Taquitos with Refried Black Beans! As real as it gets in Sweden.

Okay you all know how picky I am about Mexican food. To my excitement we found a place in Budapest of all places that serves some really kick ass Mexican dirt cheap. The… Continue reading

Shrimp and Pork Wontons

Wonton’s are pretty simple if you aren’t too picky about having perfectly shaped packages. However, they are time consuming and if you are at all like me the rinse and repeat process will… Continue reading

Italian pasta with a Asian inspired shrimp topping. And I refuse to say fusion!

Okay just a little sidebar before I get back to the kitchen to make some chicken taquitos. After making 72 Swedish meatballs, a pile of assorted wontons and 14 Texan style breakfast sausages… Continue reading

Today’s agenda is all I have time for today.

I have recently started a new job which means my time is now suddenly limited. Once I get into the swing of things I am hoping to get back on schedule with my… Continue reading

A new REAL FOODs restaurant in New Port Beach California

Many years ago I read one of his books, if I look hard I might find it in my basement. And now he has opened a restaurant. A must see next time I… Continue reading