Lincolnshire sausage and a fry-up.

When I discovered Korv-huset near Drottningstorget I ran through the door all a light because I was sure out of the 101 sausages they supposedly have at least one would be a British… Continue reading

Älska mat food expo at Slakhuset in Malmö

Next weekend Slakthuset will be hosting the Älska mat or Love Food Expo. I have never been so I can’t tell you if it’s worth the effort. But really how bad can it… Continue reading

The English Shoppe and English Bangers

People can say what they want about the Brits and their food, I love a good fry up, minced meat pie and a greasy newspaper clad fish and chips. I am forgetting something… Continue reading

Restaurant Review-Bastard

Bastard September 2010 People kept asking me if I had yet to Bastard, Malmö’s new name in town that began by specializing in the odds and ends of the animal, trotters, cheeks, livers,… Continue reading

Chicken nuggets made disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About a year ago I was watching an episode from Jamie Oliver’s  school food campaign. He was taking on the impossible. Trying to teach the British schools,  parents and their children how to… Continue reading


Sushido, September 2010 On my way to class, looking for a quick dinner before having to stand up and be knowledgable, I decided on sushi. I have heard from a few people that… Continue reading

Rötter-Malmö’s newest farmer’s market vegetable store.

. . . . . . While I was waiting for The Man to meet me for our almost monthly dinner at Anytime, I wandered across the street to treat us to one… Continue reading

In protest!!!!!

Kim’s Word On Food is protesting the Svenska Demokratorna (Swedish-naziesque party) making it into parliament last night with a dinner of Asian favorites. Japanese Dumplings with tempura sauce, Vietnamese Stir Fry with rice… Continue reading

Fruit Carpaccio

This is a recipe I didn’t expect The Man to like. There was more than a little bogarting going on. This is a really simple recipe assuming you have the ingredients laying about.… Continue reading

Ola’s almost Osso Bucco

This is by far my most talked about, most loved recipe. I even made it for my dear friend’s wedding, a party of lots and lots. It’s not that difficult, but it takes… Continue reading