And I am back with Oxtail Soup

Okay so what is a pressure cooker? It’s an old fashioned microwave. I remember my mom getting me involved with her 50’s something pressure cooker she had inherited from someone somewhere. Basically I… Continue reading

Eating in San Fransisco-not enough time and stomach for all the lovely here.

A quick little review before I roll The Man out of bed and pick up our rental. It has been so long since I have been in SF I am no longer sure… Continue reading

Blog revisited-New Years 2008

Yes, I have been utterly lazy with my blogging as of late. I have a long list of Christmas Coookie recipes to share. Question is will I have the time to get to… Continue reading

Restaurant Review-Saiko

Saiko, November 2010 With a huge snow storm beating down on us and four newly bought snow tires not yet attached to the car we decided it was time to try out the… Continue reading

This is a crock pot!

This is a crock pot. It isn’t the beautiful little shiny coca cola red crock pot I brought back home from the states. The baggage handlers broke that one. This is the one… Continue reading

Americano-not the coffee kind.

Over breakfast I was musing over potatoes.   I remember my uncle remarking on the over the top price the new potatoes were wearing as we moseyed through the market square a decade ago. … Continue reading

Koreansk Mat authored by Byung-Hi and Byung-Soon Lim

A whole year has gone by, in many ways it feels like it was only yesterday we were there. Probably because we brought a big part of it back with us, The Korean… Continue reading

Crepes for the win!

It’s been awhile since I have cooked anything worth mentioning. This is due to two things, I have started a new job that sucks all the creative energy out of me and winter… Continue reading

Restaurant Review-Patisserie David

Patisserie David-October 2010 I am wondering how Patisserie David evaded my attention for so many years. I have been to the bakery alongside Triangeln that was interesting enough. But, the cafe at St.… Continue reading

Pot Pie

The Man is a big fan of the chicken pot pie and the turkey pot pie. He has yet to have a beef pot pie, but before that I am going to try… Continue reading