IKEA potatis grönsaks medaljonger PART 3

Cooking a hearty meal doesn’t have to be time consuming. In less than half an hour I put together this Sunday dinner leaving me with plenty of time for other forms of entertainment.… Continue reading

DOC ITALIANO-King Oyster Mushroom pasta YUM!

Doc Italiano  With an evening of shopping for our little Halloween party ahead we decided on a quick meal out. Confusion as usual ensued. The Man has this amazing ability I wish I… Continue reading

Returning to the scene of the crime. Saiko restaurang i Malmö

I really don’t think it is fair to judge a place entirely on one visit thus we returned to Saiko to be relieved of large amounts of money yet again. I really want… Continue reading

Surviving Dukan and the “Victory” meal.

Everyone told me otherwise, but I just couldn’t believe it, because it couldn’t happen to me. I was different, certain that I was going to be spending my 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and… Continue reading

Buratta-described like good sex and tasted like well great cheese.

The other week in a fit of PMS The Man took me to Bastard. We were given a last minute seat at the bar which gave us a birds eye view of the… Continue reading

Bastardizing crispy duck, ftw.

On a recent trip to Prague I fell in love with the crunchy skinned, savory flavors of the roasted duck I ordered at the most unlikely tourist trap and decided then and there… Continue reading

S&B Bagel Värnhem vs hunger rage!

Took a drive to Värnhem to pick up a bagel from the newly opened S&B Bagel. While my hopes aren’t up maybe just maybe a real, proper chewy and compact bagel is within… Continue reading

Stataremuseet-fresh eggs just 1,5 sek.

After first establishing what wall papper we finally want to put up in our bed and living room and then establishing the favorite of the two  is way outside our budget we made… Continue reading

Beluga Lentils why haven’t I bought these earlier.

I have seen these lovely photos of fish and scallops with little black beads carefully poured over the top, like jewels. I finally broke down today and bought a bag and so glad… Continue reading

Bastard a review worth revising.

. . . . . . . . . . . . Februari 2011 Now I am going to update my thoughts about the food at Bastard. AMAZING!  Upon our first visit I… Continue reading