Olympic Buns

Sweden has just won Olympic Gold and The Man is poking me in the side every time the Swedish commentators are on the screen and points. I look up wondering what I am… Continue reading

Dinner and wine on the table?!

I got on my computer today, with what I thought was time to spare, to have a quick look at my lesson plan for a night course I teach. About 30 seconds later… Continue reading

Reviews, Restaurants and Bars

Here is where you will find my latest thoughts on restaurants I visit and/or that I think are worthy of mentioning whether it be for good or bad reasons. Basically my philosophy is… Continue reading

Lagom tasty grönsaksmedaljonger.

Rumor has it that a high school friend of mine makes it a habit of spending 2 hours in L.A. traffic to have breakfast at IKEA. Does IKEA-Sweden even serve breakfast? Sweden prefers… Continue reading

Mattias Moleskin Recipe #1 Pot Roast

Mattias is my boyfriend. Mattias liked to get out of cooking by massaging my ego with, “but you do it so much better than me.” The ego started to weary, thus the Moleskin… Continue reading

Bad Idea!

Sloppy Joe with ground Moose meat. History Sloppy Joe’s are part of every American childhood served at parties to the delight of all children except me. Basically it’s spaghetti sauce made with ground… Continue reading