Vendels Organic Bakery

Mmmmm bread. Bread is my weakness. I love it! I love it toasted with lots and lots of butter on it! My personal favorite is sour dough. Not the really heavy, dark Scandinavian… Continue reading

Slow roasted entrecote, zucchini chips and cauliflower mash.

This was last nights dinner. The main reason I think this is worth sharing is because I had the luck of purchasing a really sweet zucchini that I almost didn’t want to eat.… Continue reading

Jamie Oliver’s iPhone App.

Jamie Oliver is probably my favorite cook. I like the fact that he is so excited and enthusiastic about cooking. I have never seen him in a restaurant kitchen nor have I met… Continue reading

Mattias Moleskin Recipe #2 Creamy Pasta Sauce with Broccoli and Lemon Zest

Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard… And like me she found her cupboard was bare. The Man just looked over my shoulder and complained about my title, which I admit isn’t screaming… Continue reading

Mayo if it ain’t Hellman’s it must be homemade.

Even friends of friends don’t let friends use Miracle Whip! -Mike Berthiaume Mayo if it ain’t Hellman’s, aka Best Foods, it must be homemade. Mayo is one of my picky items and I… Continue reading

Black Pepper works wonders on cuts.

Black Pepper Ground black pepper works really well on cuts. It stops the bleeding without any sting. Clean your cut. Then a layer of ground pepper to the cut, preferably freshly ground,  and… Continue reading

Thoughts on cooking in today’s busy world.

“The reason we cook is to enjoy the company of other people. It’s not to eat; you can eat by yourself. You don’t need to cook for people to feed yourself. The reason… Continue reading

Must read!

Must read this until you get to the end. HA HA HA H HA HA best link ever.

Hand over the Shrimp Chocolate HUMAN!

This is dinner at the Wiltshire, Öhman, Decker residence. Our very sociable cat Decker is either under the impression that he is a furry human or that we are naked cats. Either way… Continue reading

Kitchen tips, tricks and remedies.

I totally love kitchen tricks. Especially the long lost, old school type.  Of course I  have to share them with everyone here. Feel free to share your own tips! Alphabetical order B Bee… Continue reading