Review: Anytime

Last Friday we headed to Anytime for our favorite fish, a crispy skinned, European perch served with a potato and mushroom compote and a creamy basil sauce. Anytime’s menu covers a wide range… Continue reading

Orange Julius-only real ingredients need apply.

I am rather uninspired today so not much to tell. Seems The Man and I might be moving to Seoul in the nearish future thus I need to do my research and it’s… Continue reading

Buffalo Wings for REAL!

My first encounter with Buffalo Wings was in 1990, the year before I was of legal drinking age. I lived in what the English call a doss house. My roomates and I worked… Continue reading

Corn Bread

My corn bread recipe is one of the most requested.  I take it as a huge compliment that my friend Pia said, I love your corn bread. You have to give me the… Continue reading

Diet drinks and artificial sweeteners-metabolic turfing

Diet drinks have always been a big question mark for me. I think they taste terrible and all those chemical sweeteners they just can’t be good for you. They aren’t they do all… Continue reading

News Flash! American Gold Medal flour is readily available in Malmö.

LET THE BAKING BEGIN!!!!!!!!!! Like The Man you say so what. Wheat does not a flour make. Flours are individualistic little creatures. Each has its own talent, personality and character. How many of… Continue reading

Review: TGIF’s Malmö

TGIF’s Malmö’s Saluhallen was put to the grave and replaced with TGIF’s. Oh the lack of creative foresight and ingenuity this represents. Saluhallen was a great concept. The potential was infinite.  It is… Continue reading

American Breakfast

This is a little story about a place that no longer exists, but should. Jetlag had me awake before sunrise on my first day back at home. So I decided to beat the… Continue reading

The LA Times talks sushi.

Weevils aka mjölbagare in Swedish.

Weevils also known as mjölbagare in Swedish. Flours, grains, even rice are accompanied by tiny little eggs that, with the right conditions, will hatch into larvae. Left long enough they will turn into… Continue reading