Blackened Tilapi with salt kissed potatoes and grilled shrimp…

The other week I was out of ideas and on short notice so I ran down to Willy’s and saw that they had frozen Tilapi, for 59 sek for 8 fillets I believe.… Continue reading

The Butter Tattoo

Once upon a time in my eighteenth year my good friend Starwas talked me into getting a tattoo so she could get one. She was 17 and I was to be the adult… Continue reading

Nothing Says MMMMmmmmm Like a Basket…

of ripe avocados all needing to be eaten ASAP. What to do with all of those yummy bad boys?! Eat them straight out of the shell with a dash of salt or a… Continue reading

Tratten Update

Being a contemplater of energy/thought transference, naming my cat Tratten was probably not a winner idea. It seems to call danger and accidents to his otherwise rather pampered universe, requiring more cone hours… Continue reading

How We Met. A story of kitties, cars and good friends.

I have been reluctantly absent from the blog a few days. I do have material to put up, but haven’t had the time nor the motivation to put it together. Yesterday we spent… Continue reading

TV snacking-Homemade French Onion Soup with Homemade Croutons

Cheese I want some cheese. pad to the kitchen steal a couple slices. Back to couch. I want cheese and onions. Hmmmm cheese and onions……. Soggy bread……… I want cheese, onions, soggy bread,… Continue reading

Stinging Nettles and the big ouch!

Once upon a time I was a photo assistant for a rather famous, Swedish food photographer. Not that you can tell by the photos on this blog, a clear example of pure ineptitude… Continue reading

Sig’s King Crab, deep fried fingers and the perils of beached cows.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . A good portion of my growing up years were spent in the wilds of Washington State. A huge contrast to… Continue reading

Mattias Moleskin Recipe #3 Browned Butter with Pecorino pasta

History This recipe is inspired by The Old Spaghetti Factory’s Butter Mizithra pasta. Spaghetti Factory is one of the few chains that has kept their quality. Their basic concept is to serve a… Continue reading

Plankstek-aye matey it’s steak on a plank.

Yesterday was another day lacking inspiration. Or no, I was just walking around in a cloud of happy, thoroughly enjoying my new back. Per, my friend and chiropractor of moderate fame, set me… Continue reading