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No carb pizza? Yeah right!

If it weren’t for the cauliflower mashed “potatoes” I learned about during the Candida diet I would have just passed this recipe by. But, because mashed cauliflower is tasty I thought this had… Continue reading

I should be out shopping for Easter dinner, but no I have to share this recipe first.

. . . . There were two things that screamed through my mind the minute I stepped off airport shuttle bus in Gangnam, Seoul in S. Korea.  First was,  -Holy shit sooooo cold,… Continue reading

Props to my favorite store.

If you ever meet me and we get on the subject of food, which is pretty hard to avoid, I am going to feel compelled to do my civic duty and tell you… Continue reading

Step by Step-Black Bean Tacos

It has been nearly a year since I last added a new post. My excuse is not original. I have been busy. Very, very busy with the honor of  testing out my culinary… Continue reading

Black Bean Sauce and Gran Canaria Island weird times.

You know how everyone says the Statue of Liberty is so much smaller than I expected. Well, on my first visit to New York,  I shrank madame like a wool sweater in a… Continue reading

Klostergatans vin and delikatess-Lund

He snookered me yet again! As of late The Man has out chosen me at the restaurants, including our last adventure. Several days later he said to me, it took everything I had… Continue reading

Barcelona-hard to find bad food.

A few months back The Man decided to compete for a chance to be a booth babe for his company at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. A competition that included a written… Continue reading

The secret to oven-roasted vegetables

The secret to oven-roasted vegetables, whatever it is I haven’t figured it out. You see all of these glossy perfectly browned vegetables in a tidy glass form ,well I  just can’t seem to… Continue reading

Beef tongue sandwiches. That’s right, bring on the tongue.

Thanks to Bastard I am now a full fledged fan of the tongue. It’s probably one of the most underrated cuts, okay body part on a cow. But, no matter how you slice… Continue reading

Tempo Review November 2011 Fish to remember!

Tempo  THE FISH WAS DEVINE!  I don’t remember what the fish was called.  I haven’t heard of it before either. I tried to look it up but their online menu is either updated… Continue reading