No carb pizza? Yeah right!

Fighting over the last bite.

Fighting over the last bite.

If it weren’t for the cauliflower mashed “potatoes” I learned about during the Candida diet I would have just passed this recipe by. But, because mashed cauliflower is tasty I thought this had a 50/50 chance of being decent. It was however a lot more than decent it was really good. Really good. The Man and I went all wide eyed across the table.

My recommendation is that you really let the cauliflower dry out after you chop it. I would say leave it over night or over the day depending on. Either way it still makes a surprisingly great alternative to traditional pizza dough.

I must say it also helps that The Man makes a kick ass tomato sauce. I haven’t come close to mastering it yet so I am as of yet unable to share his secrets with you.

So go to Lisa’s blog  and try this out.