Props to my favorite store.

If you ever meet me and we get on the subject of food, which is pretty hard to avoid, I am going to feel compelled to do my civic duty and tell you all about Lucu Foods. This is not a joke. I will.

Lucu Foods opened its doors just over two years ago while I was working as an office rat for, believe it or not, a closed circuit camera surveillance company. I can chew your ear off on CCTV security as well, but please let’s just not go there. Since opening Lucu has been undergoing steady improvements, adding to their selection, expanding the vegetable department and adding all kinds of nifty and thoughtful details like little bags of flour samples stapled to the shelves. I just love these little pouches of information,  because it means I don’t need to fear buying something I can’t use or just plain don’t know what it is. Since they have flour and baking products from all over Europe this is so smart I can’t believe I have never seen it before.

Unlike a lot of other stores there is always a surplus of staff busy keeping the vegetables well looked after, the floors clean, the shelves neatly stocked and you don’t have to put your hiking boots on to trek across the length and breadth of the store to discover there isn’t a single employee in sight nor will there be however many blisters you incur.  Now don’t get me wrong Lucu foods is no Mäster Livs with fancy mood lighting. It is a warehouse, with polished cement floors and florescent tubes, but they make up for it with selection, originality and a true sense for what the customer wants and needs. If you’re a foody this place has a lot to offer.


The vegetable section is always well looked after with a broad selection of fruits and vegetables more often than not at really good prices. The only thing I tend to avoid are the tomatoes as they are stored too cold which will leave you with gritty tomatoes. Other than that I am always a satisfied customer.

Good selection of salads

Fresh and dried chilies like chipotle, mulato peppers and more.

In the Spring you will find a good selection of fresh Asian specialty vegetables and roots.

Fresh herbs by the kilo including coriander, basil and mint among others.

Exotic fruits


While I am not entirely in love with their meat counter you can get some good prices on certain key items.

LAMB is well priced.

VEAL, ground veal is really nice and works great in Italian sausages, hamburgers etc.

OX , the oxtail is perfect for a oxtail soup. Lot’s of good stew and slow cooking alternatives.

DUCK, I bought a fresh duck for 60 sek/kg. It was probably the juiciest duck I have crisped.

TURKEY, fresh

PORK, you won’t find fresh pork but you will find things like sausage etc.

FISH, The smoked makril is very good. You can also find lot’s of frozen fish products including the dreaded giant shrimps. I know we shouldn’t eat them, they are just so damn good!


They have a well stocked deli just across from the meat counter. I have tried a few things and have been pleasantly surprised. It has a definite polish leaning, I really like the Keilbasa and a porchetta lunchen meat. I just have to get adventurous and try more.

But, don’t think the sausages end at the deli. There are shelves and shelves of sausages, hotdogs and dried meats.


They have a really good selection of milk products along with other items.


  • American’s use a lot of buttermilk in our baking, salad dressings and even when say making fried chicken. I have been waiting a long time to get my hands on buttermilk in Sweden.
  • When butter is churned you will end up with a milky, sour flavored by product that is called buttermilk. However because Sweden has changed the way butter is produced buttermilk is no longer available. So you either have to go to Denmark or Lucu Foods to get it. 

LARD, Yes, lard I know!  But really it can be really useful for making things like say tortillas. The flavor is just better.

BUTTER, all kinds of butters from all over Europe.



GRAPE SEED OIL, I mention this because it is THE preferred cooking oil, because it has the same qualities of olive oil, but it has a much higher burning point so you can use it to fry in etc. It is pricey though, but not as pricey as the bottles you will find in other stores in Sweden.

OILS, There is a wide variety of  other oils like pumpkin seed oil,avocado and  with all manner of flavor infusions.

VINEGAR, Same goes for vinegars.

AGAVE SYRUP, A lot of vegan recipes call for Agave. It has started to make it to the Swedish market, I first saw it at Lucu.


This section is slowly growing and now includes Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese products.  With the vegetable section you could easily find all you need for a lovely wok or a bowl of glass noodles for ex.


FLOUR and GRAINS,  As mentioned above you will find a wide variety of flours from all over Europe with samples so you know what you are buying.

LEGUMES/BEANS whatever you want they got it.

RICE, whatever you want they got it too and probably a few you have never seen before.


They have a strong basic selection of Swedish products, so you could in principle do a full shopping at Lucu if you can live without fresh pork.  However, the Swedish products are rather expensive.  So, I usually swing by Lucu for the fun stuff and then to Willy’s or City Gross for the Swedish staples.


Take your time! You really should take your time and keep an open mind. Go up and down the aisles and look carefully. I am sure that even the most unadventurous bore will find something to pique their interest. If not then go straight to the vegetable section and go crazy you can’t get better quality at that price anywhere else. They really do care.

Lucu Foods

Opening Hours

  • Monday – Friday08-21
  • Saturday 08-19
  • Sunday 08-18

Singelgatan 1

212 28 Malmö

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