Klostergatans vin and delikatess-Lund

it might not look pretty, but it tastes pretty.

It might not look pretty, but it tastes pretty.

He snookered me yet again!

As of late The Man has out chosen me at the restaurants, including our last adventure.

Several days later he said to me, it took everything I had to resist not sharing with you. But, I did because I love you and that is what love means. A few minutes of silence as we walked and he continues, if I just liked you I would never have let you taste that meal. NEVER! Claws, I would have clawed you away from my plate.

I didn’t just get a taste I got several. I ask myself why. Because he was desperately hoping I would be able to use my taste memory to recreate the heaven in front of him maybe?

We have been to Klostergatan Vin & Delikatess twice over the past year. It’s not often we venture to Lund. What first attracted me to Klostergatan is the atmosphere. They have done a very good job of recreating the French bistro, deli atmosphere. It’s cozy and inviting, giving one the impression you are going to get a simple, but genuinely good meal. Though our experience with Klostergatan is limited so far they have lived up to our hopeful expectations.

The Man ordered the days meal, known in Sweden as Dagens. It consisted of pork loin and warm potato salad served with a red wine sauce enfused with smoked pork belly. For those of you unfamiliar with the Swedish “dagens” the description really didn’t lead us to believe that the meal was going to be anything more than typical, which is why I didn’t order it.  Most of Sweden’s traditional dishes consist of meat, potatoes and lots of sauce. What a mistake, this dish exceed our hopes and dreams. It was jam packed with nuance.

The warm potato salad was simple and gentle in flavor. What the pork loins was lacking in appearance it more than made up for in flavor and tenderness. What brought it all together and added that very important touch was the wine sauce. It was tangy, rich and contrasted perfectly to the small rectangles of smoked pork belly, tiping the scales and adding that extra umph to everything else on the plate. Each bite carried a flavor explosion. What The Man was most amazed by was how well all of these differing flavors worked together. The dish had perfect balance.

I did my duty as the usurper of food and tried to put to memory the individual tastes of each component. I also waylaid our waiter with my love and enthusasim on our way out and slipped in a pertenant question for my future success, I can’t figure it out was the pork loin poached or slow roasted? Believe it or not he told me exactly what they did. It was salt and peppered, quickly browned and then baked on low heat nice and slow. I have to be honest, it looked slightly pale and anemic, but it was tender and flavorful. I will chose flavor over appearance any day. Now all I have to do is perfect that tangy red wine sauce and work on my potato salad skills. A fairly tall order for someone less than adept at sauces. But, am I going to give it my all!

It’s meals like this that lead me to think I would be perfectly happy standing in the back knee deep in dishes. Anything to be close to where the magic happens, cause it just might rub off.

FOOD ♥♥♥♥-this is the perfect place for an afternoon lunch or dinner. We have been pleased with all of our meals.

SERVICE ♥♥♥♥♥- the service is quick and professional. Plus they shared a trade secret.

ATMOSPHERE ♥♥♥♥♥-I really like the interior. It has a French/New York Bistro feel to it.

PRICE Food ♥♥♥♥ Drinks ♥♥♥♥

Klostergatan 3, 222 22 Lund.
Tel             046-14 14 83