The secret to oven-roasted vegetables


The secret to oven-roasted vegetables, whatever it is I haven’t figured it out.

You see all of these glossy perfectly browned vegetables in a tidy glass form ,well I  just can’t seem to figure it out. Seriuosly?! How do you roast vegetables and keep all that lovely flavor with the perfect glean? Forget the glean I will settle for flavor.

So, this is what I did today I broke out the big gun, the kitchen bazooka, Bu–tter, and lots of it. Today I basically dropped a fat fist of butter into a glass form with a small dash of vegetable oil and an array of root vegetables plus a zucchinni.

While it was all baking away in a pool of yellow I did a bit of research and found this thing called Picada, a Spanish vegetable topping of garlic, fresh herbs and nuts/bread crumbs, in my case Ritz crackers, chopped up and sauted in guess what butter!

The oven roasted vegetables come out not picture perfect enough in my eyes. AND I have to admit it was pretty so so in flavor. COME ON! How hard can it honestly be? But, wait not all was lost. You see there is this weird little vegetable called kahlrabbi/cabbage turnip that I threw in the mix. This little strangeling of a vegetable loves being boiled alive in butter. It came out sweet and slightly tangy. Throw a handful of the Picada on top and it was perfectly yum.

So now I am trying to figure out what I shall serve these butter soaked kahlrabbi and picada with in the future.

Picada serves 2

1 Garlic Clove

Small handful of nuts or bread crumbs or Ritz Crackers as that is what I had available. (Ritz crackers are some what sweet with salt sprinkled on top. They have a nice rich flavor.)

5 leaves of flat leafed parsely or whatever you have around.

Crush the crackers and give them a good chop along with everything else. Then saute everything in a bit of butter until the crackers, nuts or bread crumbs brown lightly. Remove from pan.


Peel and slice your Kahlrabbi 0.5cm thick put into a baking form with a load of butter and let bake on 200C until the edges start to lightly brown.

To serve sprinkle a bit of Picada on top.