Beef tongue sandwiches. That’s right, bring on the tongue.

Tongue sandwich on sourdough with zucchinni, walnuts and cornicchons.

Tongue sandwich on sourdough with zucchinni, walnuts and cornicchons.

Thanks to Bastard I am now a full fledged fan of the tongue. It’s probably one of the most underrated cuts, okay body part on a cow. But, no matter how you slice it it looks like tongue, which I am guessing is what puts people off. The first few minutes I was faced with a plate of tongue I eyed those very present taste buds poking in my general direction with a healthy dose of skepticsm. However, it only took a single bite to convince me that I was either going to have to get over it or blindfold myself. There was no way I was going to deprive myself of this taste experience. I was utterly surprised at the flavor explosion. The flavors are rather a contradiction of themselves as they are delicate but complex and very beefy. A steak high on tenderness.

The problem is though, that while The Man can appreciate the flavor, the tenderness  makes him gag like a pigeon in rush hour trying to beat the feet. He just can’t get past the texture. This in turn sets me off on a round of gagging and dinner is ruined. It’s at the point where just the smell of tongue in the house will set him off and it does give off a pretty potent odor as it cooks.  Not only do I have to eat it by myself, I have to make sure that I have a few hours to get the smell out of the house.

Besides the taste, tongue is simple to prepare and is cost friendly.

Before you can use the tongue you need to prepare it for further use. 

Tongue-cow or calv serves many

1-1.5 LBS Tongue

Black Pepper Corn-whole

2-3 Bay Leaves


It’s very simple to prepare. I use a pressure cooker as it is quick, easy and helps keep the smell to a minimum. You can just as well use a pot, but it will require more time.

Rinse the tongue clean. Add the tongue, pepper corns and bay leaf to the pressure cooker. Fill it up with water so that it reaches half way up the tongue. Secure the lid and set on high heat. Once it begins to steam, turn the heat down to half and let cook for approx. 30 mins.

If you are going to boil it in a pot I would estimate an additional 30 minutes.

If smell is an issue open up the pressure cooker outside.

Under cool running water remove the out skin from the tongue and clean away whatever unsavory bits that may appear around the root of the tongue.

Tongue sandwich serves 1

2 inches/4cm of Prepared Tongue 

3 Cornichons sliced

6 papper thin slices of Zucchinni

3 toasted Walnuts 

3 inches/6cm of celery thinly sliced

2 slices of lightly toasted Sour Dough bread


For the tongue sandwich I sliced 4 thin slices of tongue and gently sauted them with paper thin slices of zucchinni in butter. You just want to give a bit of extra color to the tongue. Becareful not to over cook it as it will get chewy.

In the meantime, lightly toast the bread and spread with mayo. Then top with the thinly sliced celery. The celery compliments the tongue by adding texture as does the toasted walnuts and pickle.

Remove the tongue lay on paper to remove excess fat and keep sauting the zucchinni until it turns lightly brown. Cut the tongue into strips and sprinkle over the bread. Top with the pickles, walnuts and zuccinni.

Serve with a steak knife. Nothing worse than being served an open faced sandwich  and you can’t cut through the bed without breaking a sweat or sending it flying across the room.

Further suggestions

Tongue Salad

Cut the tongue thinly and serve with a lettuce salad including beets, toasted sesame seeds and a light creamy dressing.

Tongue and mashed potatoes

Saute 1 inch/2.5cm thick slices in butter and serve with rough mashed potatoes made with olive oil, garlic and parsely. Add some beets for sweetness and contrast.