Tempo Review November 2011 Fish to remember!


THE FISH WAS DEVINE!  I don’t remember what the fish was called.  I haven’t heard of it before either. I tried to look it up but their online menu is either updated or outdated. I think it was a slätvar/brill. Not sure, doesn’t matter whatever it was I call it lovely!

This was a lovely plate to look at with an array of small surprises. The fish was served on top of a lemon infused root vegetable that I could have lived without, but appreciate the idea.  The glazed brussel sprouts were tender and sweet, well contrasted by a sprinkle of raw brussel sprout leaves that were delicately flavored with a tangy, well balanced vinegarette. All framed by tiny marinaded pumpkin cubes.

Now let’s talk about the butter drizzled on the plate underneith it all. The butter and fish worked amazingly together, better than amazing in this instance. I am not entirely sure what they did to the butter, but it had a richness to it you don’t often experience that was topped off with just the right amount of salt. It could have been browned, but I don’t think so. All I know is that I was grabbing the bones and carefully licking them clean as I proceded to tell each arriving party that they had to get the fish. It was their duty to themselves.

That was The Man’s meal. I however ordered very wrong. I blame it on my eagerness to learn everything I can about pumpkin and my apparent dyslexia. I some how turned Jerusalem artichoke into a plain artichoke in my minds eye. I love artichoke, hate Jerusalem artichoke. See the siappointment on my face when I realized my mistake.

My dish consisted of pumpkin ravioli with Jerusalem artichokes and a red cabbage sauce with a lemon cream. I am not a sweet fan so I was admittedly worried hoping for tangy not sweet and sour. It was sweet and sour.

Here is the deal though take away the Jersalem artichokes and it was still a pretty poor dish. I like the spirit of it, but it just didn’t work. The ravioli’s in themselves were very interersting. They had several layers of flavor that kept surprising you as you chewed. Problem was though the red cabbage sauce was far too overpowering and killed the ravioli’s. And since they were swimming in the sauce you couldn’t get around it unless drying off your ravioli’s with your napkin is acceptable table behavior.

The Jersalem artichokes were undercooked, rubbery and I did get a bite of sand in one bite regardless of what the waiter tried to convince me. Fair enough it happens sometimes. Just don’t try and talk me out of what I experienced I have two outdoor cats and wake up with a mouthful of sand on a daily basis. I know sand when I chew it.

The lemon curd fail. Another thing that bugged me was that there were only three ravioli’s and like a 100 Jerusalem artichokes. Even if I liked them I would find this disappointing.

Really the kitchen would have done better with a lot less, this was sweet on sweet on sweet on Jerusalem artichocke.  The ravioli’s were already sweet and would have been better served with a salty or savory contrast, that lovely butter for instance.

The service was great! Fun, quirky and helpful. In lue of my displeasure with my meal I did get a dessert and my drink on the house. Thank you! I appreciate that my experience matters to you.

So, despite my misadventure with the Jersalem artichokes it was a lovley experience and I want that fish now on a plate in front of me, not my generous boyfriend who loves me enough to share the awesome.


Did you know that Jersaelm artichoke is the root of a sunflower?