DOC ITALIANO-King Oyster Mushroom pasta YUM!

Doc Italiano 

With an evening of shopping for our little Halloween party ahead we decided on a quick meal out. Confusion as usual ensued. The Man has this amazing ability I wish I possesed, being able to remove nearly everything from his memory. For The Man this means, if I don’t clutter my mind with random information I won’t be irritated, bogged down or any thing in that realm. For me, this means frusteration because,  he never knows what I am talking about which leaves me going into deep detailed descriptions that lead him no closer to the destination or any thing else. This is what happened on Friday night right after the bus only lanes and no left turns, led me 10 blocks out of the way. With that I gave up on the so, so place that was just around the corner and headed for Docplatsen.

Docplatsen is a small square, well really it’s a parking lot, that is skirted by a number of trendy, and almost never open when I pass by there, restaurants. They are all well styled which keeps bringing me back hoping I may for once arrive during opening hours. On this Friday we were in luck. We passed by each one, pushing our noses against the window hoping that we would choose a worthy spot. In the end we settled for Doc Italiano. The least assuming of the restaurants.

We pushed through the door that felt a little off sides adorned with a shiny new White Guide sticker which was promising. The pile of junk piled in the corner however presented a feeling of disarray that would lead one to think this may be a bad idea White Guide or no White Guide sticker. The fact that the service was slow and confused enough to prompt me to get up and leave didn’t help. I was hungry, grumpy hungry, and ready to go for the kill. Luckily, The Man wasn’t grumpy hungry and talked me into waiting just a few more minutes. And am I glad I didn’t huff out of the place.

The service is slowly disjointed and the decore is marred by piles of crap laying where it shouldn’t, but the pasta is amazing. AMAZING! The menu is very simple consisting of a choice between a 3 or 5 dish taster menu or a small a la carte menu comprised of 2-3 starters, 3 main courses and dessert.

While I was eyeing the duck we both decided to keep it simple ordering the mushroom taggliatelle. The dish was simple, clean and delicious in a way I haven’t experienced in a long while. Probably the best pasta I have had in… in I can’t remember when. Initially we were suspicious of the mushrooms. They didn’t have the browned texture one often expects. They looked well, a bit soggy. Wow is what we were though once we got those bad boys on the fork and into our mouths. This was a three man ensemble with the Forest Champignon, Winter Chantarelles and my newest love King Oyster Mushrooms. The King Oyster Mushroom was nothing less than mouth watering medallions of flavor: nutty, savory yet delicate, just plain lovely. So please tell me where I can get my hands on them in Sweden. PLEASE!!!!!

The pasta was perfect with cracked pepper, and a slightly creamy coating hosting yet again a delicate mushroom flavor. No need for extra parmesan the whole of this dish was perfectly balanced.

And now my fear is that I wil never get to experience it again, as Doc italiano changes its menu regularly using seasonal ingredients, and I have no idea as to where to start in replicating this lovely dish. I guess I will just have to become a die hard regular so that I can gently suggest I have my own personal menu consisting of… Mushroom taggliatelle.

FOOD ♥♥♥♥- the menu is simple and so far I think above my expectations.

SERVICE ♥♥♥ The thing is the service was slow and disorganzed, yet friendly. Considering the only other guests was a table of four I am more than a little worried about what would happen if the place was full.

ATMOSPHERE ♥♥♥-It is pretty average. I don’t understand the piles of random objects or the office books shoved into the display case.

PRICE Food ♥♥♥♥♥ Drinks ♥♥♥♥ The prices were a pleasant surprise. Our pasta dish was at a reasonable 135 sek.

Mån – fre

11.30 – 13.30

Mån – lör | från 18.00
Sön | stängt

tel:             040-611 12 30