Returning to the scene of the crime. Saiko restaurang i Malmö

I really don’t think it is fair to judge a place entirely on one visit thus we returned to Saiko to be relieved of large amounts of money yet again. I really want to like Saiko. I do. I am trying desperately to like it.  Unfortunately I am just too frugal for that to happen. I have a big problem with leaving a restaurant 560 sek/$70 poorer with an empty, growling stomach that is desperate to get home for a top up. Counter intuitive would best describe the experience.

Here was the line up.

3 pieces of sushi-I had to try the sushi to verify the plaques on the wall. Skip the sushi in future is my next plan of action. The rice was plain salty (no it wasn’t the soy) and the arrangement was utterly uninspiring. Although, if you want any chance of leaving with a full stomach sushi is the most economical choice, not the better choice.

4 Japas korroke, duck breast, ribs and pork belly. I like the ideas behind these tiny dishes. Even if I don’t enjoy all the flavors I appreciate the creativity they inspire. But, big BUT, they are just too expensive at two nibbles a plate.

1 glass of bubbly and one small beer. 

Being a photographer I understand that you aren’t paying for the paper the photo is printed on. You are paying for experience, creative interrpretation, equipment, rent among other costs. Having said that I still can’t validate paying 95sek/12 bucks for five thin strips of duck breast served with tiny cubes of pumpkin and a bit of sauce.

I loved the pork belly with oyster foam, black pepper sauce and I think pumpkin pureé. It had a lovely savory flavor that I must admit had me licking the sauce out of the bowl with my fingers. But, again the size of the plate was beyond minimal.

The ribs were unremarkable this time as well. Very tender, but what one expects of any Asian restaurant.

The Korroke which in in principle was a deep fried crouquette of mash potato and mushroom served with a tangy Japanese tonkatsu sauce was also nice. I personally wasn’t sure about the Tonkatsu as I am picky about sweet and sour flavors but all in all it was a fresh and tasty dish.

You would have to order double the Japa menu each to even come close to a feeling of satisifaction leaving you more than 1200sek/150 bucks out of pocket.

My verdicts is as follows: On both visits I really liked half of what I ate. The other half didn’t suite my palet, but probably would be thoroughly enjoyed by others. However eating at Saiko and leaving in the vicinity of satiated is economic heri-keri.