Buratta-described like good sex and tasted like well great cheese.



The other week in a fit of PMS The Man took me to Bastard. We were given a last minute seat at the bar which gave us a birds eye view of the brick oven.  Nothing entertains me more than studying a kitchen in action whether it be a short order kitchen or formal dining.

As we looked thorugh the menu we asked what was being prepared in the wood heated, brick oven which led us to Buratta. But what is Buratta? The waiter described it like this, imagine the finest buffalo mozzarella cheese you have ever had filled with fresh, silky buffalo cream.

The Man went for the ox cheek with bone marrow and a pasta reminiscent of gnocchi with a lot less starch. It was a nice  dish much like an osso bucco, very down home. I  decided that I was going to go for a steady diet of appetizers starting with the Buratta that I had every intention of sharing.

We watched makrill being pushed in and out of the oven, along with the odd pizza, both of which looked yummy, and then our Buratta. Our lovely, lovely Buratta with oven baked cherry tomatoes. The flavors we were met with were beyond our highest expectations. We were indeed expereincing the best mozzarella we had ever had, creamy, velevety, mildly tangy. Not just the best buffalo cheese, likely the best cheese I have tasted.

The tomatoes equally as lovely were carefully peeled and caramlized in olive oil providing a slight hint of roasted marshmallow. So simple and yet so elegant and surprising.

I contemplated pulling rank or just plain snatching the plate and barricading myself in a corner with feline anger, but I shared as good girl does. I can’t tell you how to make the cheese or even where to purchase it in Sweden other than at Bastard, but I can help you with the tomatoes that would be a welcome accompaniment to any dish.



Oven baked cherry tomatoes serves 4



12 Cherry Tomatoes

3 -4 TBSP Olive Oil

1 TBS Champagne Vinegar

Salt and Pepper



Put your oven on high heat, as high as it will go. You want a quick, hot bake. Bring water to a boil in a medium sauce pan. In the mean time carefully stab the tomato where the stem holds on to make a small cut in the skin. When the water is boiling drop the tomatoes in to the water and blanch shortly. As soon as you see the skin break pull the tomatoes out and run in cold water.

Carefully pull the skin off and place in a cold frying pan that you can put in the oven, cast iron for example. Pour 2 TBS of olive oil on the tomatoes in the pan and roll them around. Pop them in the oven and bake for approx. 2 mins. then give them a quick shake to turn them and bake another 2 mins. Don’t bake them too long. You don’t want them getting mushy. They should keep their shape. Pull out of the oven sprinkle with a bit more olive oil and vinegar and a twist of black pepper and salt.

Serve immediately.