S&B Bagel Värnhem vs hunger rage!

Took a drive to Värnhem to pick up a bagel from the newly opened S&B Bagel. While my hopes aren’t up maybe just maybe a real, proper chewy and compact bagel is within my grasp. Of course I have to check it out. This is what happened.

S&B Bagel is a direct rip off of Subway with one basic addition you can also get salad. Same ordering system, same sort of condiments, same sort of meats and filling, same Lay’s potato chips at the register, same get your own drink after you have paid.

I walk in through the open door wait in line, place my order and watch the guy construct my sandwich according to my specifications. I ask, so is this affiliated with Subway? No he says, more than our love for making sandwiches. My sarcastic inner comment will come later just be patient.

I get to the register and the next guy says to the girl in front of me, we are out of change and smiles. She steps to the side, then he pulls forward my bagel. Seeing my card he says to me, oh we can’t take cards today we haven’t gotten our card machine yet, smile. Little did he know or I he was one dumb ass comment away from hunger rage, no not road rage, hunger rage. You know when your blood sugar is at rock bottom, the rage that you know is crazy and disproportionate, but you can’t stop yourself. When stomping on a puppy like Pat Ast in Reform School Girls seems like a brilliant idea.

Pat Ast mean nurse.

My eyes snap along with my wallet. Luckily I had a strict upbringing otherwise what he would have heard would have been a lot more detailed than a stroppy, well I don’t have any cash and I am double parked followed by the sound of me stomping out to my car to drive to Patisserie David to buy a handmade crepe for 2/3 the price of the Subway rip-off bagel I left standing on the counter. That was a mouthful.  Nor did he hear, love for sandwiches my ass.   If factory made Subway means love for the craft of  sandwiches  sure. Admittedly i can enjoy a Subway on the odd occasion. But still.

I was irked, irked I tell you. No enraged. In my hunger fogged head the screaming went on. Listen here you N. American nit wit, are you kidding me! First off where is the Cash only sign?!  How much damn sense does it make to tell me cash only AFTER you have made my sandwich, huh, huh?!  I mean who is going to eat my sandwich now! Not me apparently. As I start to feel sorry for my poor sandwich which I am sure is feeling rejected and sad about now a new line of banter develops.  Hang on,  what is the sole principle of business? The exchange of money for services rendered, products made for &%¤”#/% sake. Grrmrrggregrmmmgreegrmmrmrmrgmrrm.

From David’s I drove back to the office with my crepe on the seat beside me still angry and hungry feeling a bit of jerk for being so out of control angry about this event. Minutes later I get stuck behind a very beginner, beginners driver moving slower than my Grandma on a skate board. Be nice Kim, be nice. Then it occurs to me that life on a daily basis reminds me that negative energy inside begets negative experiences without. A nasty chain of events that is very adept at feeding itself. So, lesson learned don’t wait until the last minute to procure food, because if you do it will more than likely lead you to all manner of not good and you will surely act the crazy fool.  If not out load it in at least in your head.

From what I could SEE of the bagels they look pretty unauthentic.  Sigh. some day some day.