Stataremuseet-fresh eggs just 1,5 sek.

Eggs fresh from the chickens nest.

After first establishing what wall papper we finally want to put up in our bed and living room and then establishing the favorite of the two  is way outside our budget we made a last minute dash out to the Stataremuseet in Torup. I have been wanting to stop by there for years but always manage to realize this as we are driving by at closing time. But, today I finally made it there on time. It’s a nice little break from the city and for those with an interest in  food and learning more about the odds and ends nature provides us with they also have seminars and excursions on the menu.

But, what really got me excited was the fresh eggs they had for sale for a mere one crown fifty each, primarily because they come from the chicken coops they have on site.  Dainty, fresh eggs from chickens that are healthy, happy and well taken care of. It just makes you feel good knowing that the animals providing you nourishment are being treated well.

Not so sure we could  say the same thing of the farmers wives and the milkmaids of yore.  They had a life of hard labor  with little distraction. A milkmaids day began and ended with milking the cows, 03:30 to 06:30 milk your 200 cows, 12:30-14:30 milk your 200 cows again, 18:30-20:30 milk your 200 cows one last time before you head to your room to darn your socks, read your bible, eat and then fall into your pull out bed to sleep. Then wake up and do it all again for the  350 days of the year you are expected to work.

There are things to appreciate in life, like not getting up hours before dawn to wrestle a bovines teet.

Note: A statare is a crop share farmer.


. (the crop share museum)