Beluga Lentils why haven’t I bought these earlier.

Beluga Lentils garnish on top of halibut served with braised carrots and zuchinni.

I have seen these lovely photos of fish and scallops with little black beads carefully poured over the top, like jewels. I finally broke down today and bought a bag and so glad I did.  While this recipe is of my own creation there is another recipe I found that I can’t wait to try tomorrow for breakfast.

Fish garnish


1/4 cup Beluga lentils

3/4 cups Water

1 Garlic Clove minced

1 Sprig Rosemary

5  leaves Fresh Basil ripped into small bits

1 small handful Flat Blade Parsely coursely chopped

5 TBS Grape Seed Oil or other cooking oil. Grapeseed is very very good for you though and it can handle hot temperature.

2 TBS Olive Oil to add flavor and a bit of color.

2 tsp Champagne Vinegar

Dash of mixed herbal spice, my secret spice Santa Marie roasted garlic.


Cook your beluga lentils according to the directions on the package, a 1 to 3 ratio, with a sprig of rosemary and some salt. Becareful not to cook the lentils too fast as they will loose their shape and get mushy. You want firm lentils in one piece,  al dente. And let them cool or they will mush when you stir them.

In a frying pan sauté the garlic in the grape seed oil then add 3-4 scoops of the lentils, you will have lentils left over that you can use easily use the next day in a salad, make fried lentil cakes with them and what have you. Okay back tot he task at hand. Add your fresh herbs and sauté a minute or so more adding the herb salt, secret spice and the champagne vinegar. I suppose a small dash of white wine would work too. Then add a bit of the olive oil so that when you spoon over the fish it will have some color to contrast with the black of the lentils.

Fish, well I would say any white fish I am using halibut, but this would be lovely on scallops, tilapia, well any white fish really. Or even on a carefully sauted pork chop.

If you are up for some real indulgence serve it up with a boiled potatoes pan fried in a large dose of olive oil and butter. If not serve it with some steamed vegetables. just don’t do what I just did and forget your zuchinni on the stove. Mush, mush doggy.

This really is a very easy and tasty little garnish. If you don’t have rosemary at home don’t worry it will still be yummy.