Eating in San Fransisco-not enough time and stomach for all the lovely here.

A quick little review before I roll The Man out of bed and pick up our rental.

North Beach Pizza FTW

It has been so long since I have been in SF I am no longer sure where and what to eat. But, some things just don’t change and thank the demi gods for that. North Beach Pizza. Still alive and kicking. I think I discovered North Beach pizza on New Years of 1999.

they say two thousand zero zero party over, oops out of time! ya yayayaaaydodooodelido dod od do

Right pizza. Well my best friend and I  in a state of blur cracked open the yellow pages and skimmed through the adds hoping for a place that would deliver all night long. We luckily stumbled upon North Beach Pizza. The conversation went as follows.

0200/2am New Years Day 1999

I would like to order a medium pepperoni pizza, delivered to the Radisson South of market.

It 2 hour wait.You no be wake.

Yes, I will.

No you won’t be wake. You sleep.

No I swear I will stay awake. We really want pizza.

No you know stay wake.

Yes I WILL I promise. PROMISE

OK you promise you be wake.You better answer door!

Oh yummy pizza in two hours. I can do this. Can’t I? Just as I thought I could wait no more and my eyes began to slide south and my conscience says to me, He was right you no stay wake you bad person, the knock came.

As my ex and his best friend laid on the other side of the room curled up in a drunken fetal position. My best friend and I killed that pizza! Killed it. We were in pizza love. Tasty, tasty pizza delivered fresh to our door at 4 am on New Years Day!

The conversation the next day went as follows.

Where did the pizza boxes come from?

We ordered pizza last night when we got to the hotel.

When, from where and how come we weren’t here.

From North beach Pizza. Delivered to the door.You were here.

Wow, I didn’t know you could do that. How come you didn’t wake us up?

Cause it was probably the best pizza we have ever had and that means we don’t want to share.

So the moral to the story is if you haven’t been to North Beach Pizza GO NOW! The hotel delivery is great, getting it served to you fresh from the oven is even greater, so if you can head to one of their restaurants.  Plus it’s well priced and in one of SF’s best neighborhoods for fun.

What kind of pizza is this. A typical Italian/American with a thicker crust than you would find in New York but thinner than in Chicago plus a slightly spicy red sauce with lots of soft melted cheese. Toppings are extra, design your own. My choice of habit is pepperoni with black olives. The Man likes it with pepperoni only. How do we solve this? We order it our way. Half pepperoni half pepperoni with olives. If your from Europe a small will be more than two people can eat.

Bon appetite.

North Beach Pizza: Taraval Street

(415) 242-9100

3054 Taraval Street
San Francisco, CA 94116

North Beach Pizza: Mission Street

(415) 586-1400

4787 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94112

North Beach Pizza: Berkeley

(510) 849-9800

1598 University Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94703