Blog revisited-New Years 2008

Yes, I have been utterly lazy with my blogging as of late. I have a long list of Christmas Coookie recipes to share. Question is will I have the time to get to it? I hope so. But, if I don’t well I have this to say…

Blog written for the Scandinavian Insider 2008-words to live by!


New Year’s Resolution

by Kimberly Wiltshire | January 1, 2008

Statistically, the New Year’s Resolution must be the most failed resolution of mankind.

Has anyone actually kept one?  Have I ever kept one?  I did. I decided last New Year that my resolution was to not have a New Year’s resolution. One might say it was a lazy, undisciplined resolution, but the reason is well thought through.  While I was trying to figure out what would be a reasonably useful and obtainable New Year’s resolution I started to contemplate my life philosophy and myself as a personality.  Neither was compatible with the resolution concept. As resolutions usually include something you have issues with or difficulty doing like exercising more, eating better, becoming more organized and so on, most people tend to fail.  Thus, I asked myself, why on earth should I start out the New Year by setting myself up for imminent failure?  I don’t have to wait until I missed my first trip to the gym to feel that wave of guilt.  I don’t have to wait until the end of the year to realize I didn’t hold my promise to myself and the year gone by.  I can see and feel it in my future as I am quietly outlining my resolution to myself at the strike of midnight.  How on earth is promising myself guilt and disappointment a good thing for me or the year?  I decided it isn’t.  I also decided that the more I obsess and feel guilty about my shortcomings the less effective I am at my strengths and that is just plain counter productive in my opinion. With that in mind my long term resolution, until I changed my mind or came to another way of thinking, was to not make New Year’s resolutions. Rather allow myself to just be me, faults and all, as I will surely be more successful at growing and improving as a human being without the guilt.  I want to be more successful just without the feel-bad feeling. With that I was convinced this was the answer of a century.

Last night out of curiosity I asked a Swedish friend what their New Year’s resolution was. The reply was stunning, “to try and be a better person.” I gave that a couple seconds of thought and realized this was a resolution to beat all resolutions.  To fulfill this requires only one thing, a singular moment of “betterness”. The size and magnitude is of no importance just that you do one thing a little bit better or with a smidgen more thoughtfulness than you have ever done it before.  That is something anyone can do. Guaranteed, feel good success. If only I had thought of that.

No matter, next year I know what will be on my agenda, to be a better person.  Until then I am just going to be me.