Restaurant Review-Saiko

Saiko, November 2010

With a huge snow storm beating down on us and four newly bought snow tires not yet attached to the car we decided it was time to try out the new sushi restaurant on St. Knuts, Saiko. We had heard things about it. What exactly was it we had heard. Oh right the sushi chef holds the master in Scandinavia and the Saiko menu consists of a Swedish Fusion sushi.  So of course curiosity got us.

So what’s the verdict. First that comes to mind is expensive. The beer equals crazy prices. An average brand of 33 cl at well above 50 sek. Four appetizer size dishes and three beers later we were 675 sek poorer.

The Saiko chef had injured himself so we didn’t get to dig into what we were most curious about more than a little sushi appetizer they were able to scrounge up. It was good, but the rice. Again not sure, have to give it a proper try before I can pass judgement. The sushi menu is rather petite and to be honest it didn’t come across as particularly revolutionary. Not so sure how excited I am about fried herring wrapped in a sushi roll. Which means I probably won’t be rushing back.

We ordered off the warm menu and were both surprised and ho hummed. The presentation was impeccable and there were definitely some interesting elements. I really liked the duck wrap although it could have benefited from a bit of heat, the shredded duck was gorgeous. The ribs, nothing I haven’t had before. I fell totally in love with the fried pork dumplings, The Man not so much. The pork cheek was also interesting, but not sure I am going for it a second time. The service was also top notch. A mistake in the kitchen meant we got to try an extra dish at no cost. A nice surprise. The atmosphere is nice with an interesting seating arrangement, a bit on the cold side though so bring a sweater.

What’s my conclusion. Well I liked it, but thought it was on the expensive side. To really fill up you would have to spend a good 300 sek more and that would definitely push it over the edge.

FOOD ♥♥♥

SERVICE ♥♥♥♥♥ good service, very attentive.

ATMOSPHERE ♥♥♥♥-chilly bring a sweater.

PRICE Food ♥♥♥ Drinks ♥♥