This is a crock pot!

zzz Crock-a Pot-a

zzz Pot and zzz Element. Oui?

This is a crock pot. It isn’t the beautiful little shiny coca cola red crock pot I brought back home from the states. The baggage handlers broke that one. This is the one The Man bought on line. Crock Pots aren’t well known around these parts. When I try and explain how it works and what it is the end reply is always, and then you put it in the oven. No. It has an electric element built in. I just plug it in to the wall. Oh then you put it on the stove top. NO! IT HAS AN ELECTRIC ELEMENT. It’s kind of like explaining why the moon hangs in the sky to a toddler. But why?

So, here is how it works Sweden. The outside casing is an electric element with two heat settings low and high. The insert is a thick ceramic bowl that lifts in and out of the heating element. The great thing about crock pots is that you can leave them on over night, while you are at work , watching tv or out shopping with out the fear of disaster and melt down. This means you throw in a bunch of yummy ingredients turn it on and when you get home you have a hearty little meal waiting for you.

Things like beef onion soup, beef stew, refried beans, pot roast, you name it can be made in a crockpot.

On days like today, with chilly layers of snow carpeting the city and a hunt for a new winter coat ahead of you it is the perfect friend.

Tonight there are refried beans on the menu.