Americano-not the coffee kind.

Over breakfast I was musing over potatoes.   I remember my uncle remarking on the over the top price the new potatoes were wearing as we moseyed through the market square a decade ago.  A hefty $8 a kilo if my memory serves me right. This morning I was thinking about the fact Sweden goes ape over new potatoes at the beginning of every summer and how that love of new potatoes means you can’t get your hands on anything else but new potatoes for months on end. I love a good new potato as much as the next person, but one would think that after months of potato monotony people would be equally excited when potato variety returns to the vegetable section. I mean from a marketing point of view there is nothing but profit to be had. Hang on am I smelling the genius of invention.   Probably not so I guess I will just have to resign myself to the fact potato variety will continue to go uncelebrated.

And, this is how my mind works on a Sunday morning over a cup of tea.


Despite it’s name this is a 100% French invention I found a block or so away from one of Paris’ train stations. Only the French could improve on an American classic. So what is an Americano? Utter indulgence of the fat kind. A baguette filled with french fries and two hamburger patties shaped to fit, covered in heeps of mayonnaise. Everything my fast food alter ego likes in one 8″ package.

Not that I recommend you eat this everyday of the week, but you have to try it at least once in your life.

Mini Americano

Americanos serves 2




500 gr Ground Beef

1 egg

Salt and Pepper

1 Large Baguette

2 handfuls French Fries

Mayo as much as you can stand.




Add an egg to your ground beef, salt and pepper to taste. Shape the ground beef into four oblong beef patties. Not to thick you want your baguette to squeeze around it. Bake or fry up your french fries. You can use any french fry you like home made, thick, skinny, crinkle… The one I had in Paris had thick soft fries.  Once your meat and your fries are cooked just pop two patties into each baguette with a handful of fries and then top with a generous helping of mayo.

Now just go pig wild. And, don’t forget your sunscreen… or to visit the gym.