Koreansk Mat authored by Byung-Hi and Byung-Soon Lim

Seoul Tower

A whole year has gone by, in many ways it feels like it was only yesterday we were there. Probably because we brought a big part of it back with us, The Korean BBQ. Five to be exact.

The Dog Cafe

I LOVE Seoul. Not because it’s pretty, cause it’s not. Not because telling a taxi where to go is easy, cause it’s not. But, because a sparkling toilet is never more than a few steps away and charge free.  The subway rolls so smooth you don’t have to hold on and the little junction jingle makes me smile every single time, Ding alling ding dong ting ting ting. The people couldn’t be friendlier to their foreign guests. The novelty of everything is everywhere. The Dog Cafe and The Cat Cafe too. The over the top customer service makes you feel like King Trump on a good hair day and a tea latte is never further than across the way. But, the biggest because of all is the food.

Oh the lovely lovely food. Fresh and lovely food. The Korean’s love their food and they love it fresh. Really fresh. It’s spicy, meaty, fishy, tapas like yum. So if you ever feel like going on a culinary roller coaster head for South Korea and whatever you do don’t miss the Hyundai grocery store experience.

Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ

The Man loves LOVES LOVES  Korean BBQ so for his birthday I bought him yet another cook book. And this time he read it from cover to cover and started planning. Today he whipped up the best Korean BBQ we have had to date. We have been trying a variety of different marinade recipes with varying success. Mostly just so, so.  Finally we have found the cookbook that delivers. We are both over the moon and ready to go hog wild with this collection of recipes. This cookbook is now on my list of must haves. Koreansk mat

The marinade recipes are incredibly easy and taste like home, I mean Seoul. All you need to do is head over to the nearest Biltema pick yourself up a table top gas burner, the camping kind, and then over to Naturkompaniet to buy the butan in the hairspray bottle. Oh and you would need a cast iron plate. Then over to City Gross and pick yourself up some brisket, ribs, beef steaks, thick bacon slices and a few other odds and ends at the local Asian store, kimchi, Korean bean dip, toasted sesame seeds… Okay the list is a bit long. But, really it is one of the most versatile and simple meals to throw together once you have the basic ingredients.

A Korean BBQ consists of a variety of meats most common being a paper thin brisket, marinated beef ribs and steaks along with the odd bacon slice and pork neck.  On the side you will get a sesame dip and a spicy bean dip, kimchi, a variety of lettuce including my favorite sesame seed leaves, a bowl of spicy egg omelette, pickled Asian radish, marinated leek and my favorite of  all pin mushrooms among other odds and ends.

Korean BBQ is an interactive experience. The meat gets put on the grill and browned on each side before you pick it up with a large set of tweezers and cut into bite size pieces with a pair of kitchen scissors letting the meat drop back onto the grill. With your chopsticks you grab a piece of meat dip into the sauce or sauces of choice and then wrap the meat in a piece of lettuce and shove it into your mouth.

Besides being really tasty it’s also a lot of fun creating an easy going social atmosphere warmed up by the odd shot of Soju, Korean rice vodka.

Next up Bibimbap.