Crepes for the win!

It’s been awhile since I have cooked anything worth mentioning. This is due to two things, I have started a new job that sucks all the creative energy out of me and winter has arrived with all of its Scandinavian dark. Basically, I come home sprawl onto the couch to let my head rest which soon turns into me snoring away. Food just isn’t getting the attention it deserves. Which is good for my waistline.

But, today with a need for a certain flavor experience I decided to give crepes one last shot.  The previous two attempts left me with a furrowed brow. HOW DO YOU GET THEM OUT OF THE PAN IN ONE PIECE, is what the eyebrows were saying.Apparently it’s all in the recipe. Today I found a very simple no frills recipe that had me flipping crepes like a pro. So proud, so proud. And they got a 2 thumbs up oh my god I have never had better crepes than this from the man. I think he was exagerating. None the less, I would not shy away from slapping these puppies down in front of one of our guests.

At the store I grabbed some mushrooms and frozen hacked spinach. In the fridge I dug out some smoked ham sandwich meat, butter and some cheese. Basically my plan was to tweek the Patisserie David filling.The beauty with crepes is you can fill them with whatever you want.

One of the keys to crepes is letting the batter rest. So whatever you do mix up the batter then go to work on the fillings. It’s actually not as time consuming or as difficult as it might seem so don’t shy away.

Crepes inspired by Patisserie David

Crepes makes 4 crepes depending on the size of your pan.


2/3 Cup Flour, sifted with salt

Pinch of Salt

2 Eggs, whisked seperately with oil.

1,5 tsp Cooking Oil

1 Cup Milk

In a mixing bowl sift your flour and salt. In a small bowl whisk your eggs and oil together. With an electric whisk add the eggs to the flour and salt, blend thoroughly. Then slowly add your milk and whisk until lump free. Now put aside for at least an hour.

When you are ready to cook them. Heat a pan to medium high heat. I use a cast iron pan. With a paper towel oil the bottom of the pan. When the pan is ready pour the batter into the pan and then tilt the pan to even out and fill the pan with the crepes batter. When the edges begin to dry carefully loosen the pancake with a thin spatual. Flip, hopefully in one piece, and let the otherside brown. Becareful not to let them brown too much.

Serve the crepes  fresh or lay them between two dish towels to keep warm. You can also freeze them.


Like I said you can fill crepes with almost anything. I made a cheese sauce, a mushroom and spinach compote and slices of smoked ham.

Cheese Sauce

This is a basic roux or bechemel.


3 TBS Butter

5 TBS Flour

1/2 Cup Milk give or take, depends on how thick you want your sauce.

1/2 Cup Cheese, shredded if your American I suggest a white cheese like Monterey.


In a sauce pan melt the butter on medium heat then slowly whisk in the flour until well combined. Then slowly add your milk also whisking. When you arrive at your desired consistency, for crepes I prefer it rather thin, add your cheese. Stir until completely melted. If the sauce is still too thick add more milk slowly.

Done! Takes about 5 minutes.

Mushroom Compote


5 White Mushrooms sliced, wild mushrooms would work even better.

1 Shallott Onion chopped fine,  any onion will do just chop it well about 1 TBS.

1 Garlic Clove chopped

1/4 Cup Hacked Spinach defrosted, fresh will also work.

1 TBS Butter

Salt to taste


In a pan melt your butter on medium heat. In the meantime slice your mushrooms, onions and garlic. Don’t forget to defrost your spinac. Add your mushrooms to the pan and saute to a golden brown. Add a little oil to keep the butter from burning. When the mushrooms are done add your onions and garlic and saute until soft. Then add your spinach and salt to taste. Let it sizzle in your pan a bit and then turn to low heat.

Now it’s time to get yoru crepes on the griddle. Once they are done put them on a plate on one half o the crepe spread a thin layer of the cheese sauce, lay your ham on top and then your mushrooms. Fold over the other half of the crepe and there you go. A lovely breakfast, lunch or even dinner.