Restaurant Review-Patisserie David

Patisserie David-October 2010

I am wondering how Patisserie David evaded my attention for so many years. I have been to the bakery alongside Triangeln that was interesting enough. But, the cafe at St. Gertrude that is the place I am talking about. I think the reason I have never given the bakery much attention is due to the fact while St. Gertrude has a beautiful inner garden, the restaurant and bar dominating the area always leaves me non-plussed. If wasn’t for the inner garden in the summer I would never bother with the place. Thus, everything else belonging to St. Gertrude I assumed would fall into the same category. I realize now that assumption robbed me of several years of really good food and bakery goods.

Luckily David decided to participate in the Malmö Festival this year and luckily I decided to suffer a short visit just in case I might miss something worth while. That worth while was a very lovely, fresh and tasty crepe filled with air dried ham and cheese sauce found at David’s really well thought out stand. It was lovely. This is what got me to stop by St. Gertrude’s during lunch to see what I could find at their cafe.

I ordered the same crepe for comparison. It was slightly different with a bit of lettuce added to the filling, but still very good. The place was packed, but fairly efficient at the counter. On my second visit I took the man with me. Per usual he wolfed it down while it was still piping hot and missed all the flavor, stating he thought it was better at the festival. I on the other hand decided that once it cools down it is equally as good. In the 40 minutes we were there, the petite fours and pastries went from plenty to go around to take it outside if your going fight about the last crumb. We bought a sour dough loaf that I thought was very nice, but I still prefer the Levain at Vendel’s. What I have to say about David’s is they have a lovely concept that is perfectly priced. It’s a bit chaotic at times as the cafe is small which makes it less relaxing, but I love the decoré. So if you haven’t been do go. You will be pleasantly surprised.

FOOD ♥♥♥♥

SERVICE ♥♥♥ they are fairly efficient considering the lines.

ATMOSPHERE ♥♥♥-I love the decore, but it’s a bit crowded which takes away from the relax one wants from a cafe.

PRICE Food ♥♥♥♥♥ Drinks no idea I don’t drink coffee.


Östergatan 7b

211 25 Malmö

Tel: 040-630 80 80