Lincolnshire sausage and a fry-up.

When I discovered Korv-huset near Drottningstorget I ran through the door all a light because I was sure out of the 101 sausages they supposedly have at least one would be a British sausage. The response to my, Do you have British sausages…  Ha, ha, ha the British don’t know how to make sausages. They can’t even cook, but we have chorizo. The sarcastic voice in my head was screaming listen you prinskorv sucking what’s it, I want my bangers! What my mouth said was oh that is a real shame, the British have hundreds of sausages. There is nothing like a fry-up on a Sunday morning.

And today I proved my point with a little help from my new friend, The English Shoppe. I know I have mentioned them before. But, yesterday we wandered by and had a look at their new freezer choosing a few key items 1 bag of Lincolnshire sausages, 1 meat and kidney pie and a carton of clotted cream for the scones I was now going to bake.


Lincolnshire sausage-The English Shoppe


Needless to say sausages are now in our stomachs and we are left smacking our lips in a coma of satisfaction. The British don’t know how to make sausages, bah humbug, I have half a mind to fry one of these bad boys up and deliver it to Korvhuset on a golden platter. But, I won’t cause I am greedy. They are all mine, all mine!

So this is what you do. Not a meal for the healthy regime. Pure and total artery killer, but oh so yummy on the odd occasion.

A real fry-up will consist of a couple sausage links, English bacon (the kind that looks like a frying pan), streaky bacon as they call it, a fried tomato, maybe some of those nasty beans in tomato sauce, mushrooms,  fried bread of some sort, and if in Ireland that would be a soda bread farl or potato bread, plus an egg. As you can tell I always skip the beans eekk those beans.

Today I did the simplified version. In a frying pan with a smidge of cooking oil I browned the sausages on low/medium heat turning them periodically, added some bacon, then removed the sausages and bacon so I would have room to fry up 2 slices of sour dough bread, followed by 2 eggs over easy.

On a plate I topped the fried bread with the egg and had the sausages and bacon in the wings waiting to be carefully sliced into mouth sizes pieces.

As you can see it was gorgeous. Lovely, lovely Lincolnshire sausages.


Crust made it out alive.



Bacon got lucky today. Crust not so much.