The English Shoppe and English Bangers

People can say what they want about the Brits and their food, I love a good fry up, minced meat pie and a greasy newspaper clad fish and chips. I am forgetting something here… I am sorry, so sorry I almost forgot you my dear sweet battered sausage.

The British are masters sausage makers rivaled only by the Irish in my world. Sure you have the bratwurst and the chorizo, but if I have to choose I am going to choose from the Isles. Which is why I am very excited about The English Shoppe and the fact they will soon be importing and selling frozen sausages and pies.  No more smuggling for me!

Seriously, if you haven’t tried an English or Irish sausage I suggest you do. They really are tasty. They come in all shapes and sizes with as many spices and flavors between them. If you wikipedia them you will find no less than 16 pages of information. Out of all that choice there has to be at least 1 or 2 worth eating. Right?!

The English Shoppe

The English Shoppe opened October 1, on Gustav Adolfstorget and we were there with our wallets open. I was rather pleased with the assortment. They have big bags of brown sugar at a more than reasonable price, plenty of cooking and baking staples including vanilla and loads of candy. I found their assortment much more useful than Grey’s who I think might find themselves in for some hot competition. I really hope this succeeds and finds the demand they need to expand. I would really like to see an English (American, New Zealand, Australian, Canadian, South African…) store with the assortment one finds at the Polish and Asian store to satisfy my English cravings.