Chicken nuggets made disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About a year ago I was watching an episode from Jamie Oliver’s  school food campaign. He was taking on the impossible. Trying to teach the British schools,  parents and their children how to eat not just healthy, but real. Real as in a chicken in its original form, you know drum sticks, wings, breasts. The hmming and hawing that came from everyone including the parents! Don’t you tell me….blah blah blah.  Honestly, all I can say is honestly. He finally hit the mark when he showed the kids how a chicken nugget is made. Eeeeeekkkkk. I knew they took the left over bits and pieces and pressed them together, but still it was worse than I thought. From that episode forward I have refused to eat a chicken nugget, chicken finger, chicken burger, chicken that came from anywhere but my kitchen.  If it doesn’t look like the animal it comes from you shouldn’t eat it.

Then The Man sent me the link below.  Holy something, this makes Jamie’s version look like pure delicacy.

HONESTLY PEOPLE start caring about what you put into yourselves. And if you don’t care about you, at the very least care about your kids. I wouldn’t feed my cat or my dog or even the pig I wish I had this sculpture of icck. I am serious I spend lot’s of money buying cat food made with real meat not a bunch of processed by products. Why because I believe if I deserve good food why doesn’t the pet I love and cuddle with deserve it?

So, hide your eyes and buckle up this is going to be painful.