Sushido, September 2010

On my way to class, looking for a quick dinner before having to stand up and be knowledgable, I decided on sushi. I have heard from a few people that Sushido is really good.

Well, I will have to say it is not. The place is clean and stylish, but the sushi was sub-par. The rice was sickely sweet and overpowering. And I will say it once again RICE is the sushi! Sure you want good fish, but it doesn’t matter how great your fish is if the rice robs your tongue of the fish experience.  The flavor should be subtle, oh so subtle. Plain and simple, if your rice is crap your sushi is crap.

It takes years and years for a sushi chef to reach professional level. It takes great skill and great patience to give sushi rice the love it requires. There is a delicate balance between the vinegar, sugar and rice. It can’t be guessed at. Never mind the painstaking cooling process, 30 minutes of careful, uninterrupted fanning followed by a gentle turn to blend the vinegar mixture with the rice without breaking the corn. Now repeat that over and over and over and still love it.

It seems to me being a sushi chef more often than not has all the prestige, but none of the skills to back it up. Not even at a lunch counter level.



ATMOSPHERE ♥♥♥-it’s clean and fresh. Not a place to hang about though.

PRICE Food ♥♥ Drinks no opinion


Föreningsgatan 43

211 52 Malmö

040 – 30 37 37