Kitchen Tip-How to get rid of fruit flies!

In Sweden August is aliased rötmånad, direct translation-the month of rot. Being a northern climate with a high humidity factor August is the month when food begins to rot almost overnight. This year rötmånad  started early, too early. It’s been an unusually wet summer. We have been having extreme weather fluctuations that change on a dime. Wake up to blazing sun, 30 minutes later it’s pouring silver dollar raindrops, 1 hour later it’s blazing sun, 3 hours later it’s blowing 30 mph and raining, 30 minutes later it’s strangely calm and the thunder has rolled in, by dinner it’s back to sun. In the 16 years I have been living in Sweden I have never seen anything like it.

Thanks to this manic weather the fruit flies have attacked our kitchen like a storm of locusts. The kitchen is covered in a thin layer of gnats making fruit bowls impossible to keep. In a final scream of anger I went on the net and did a bit of how to kill these little winged devils with unrelenting efficiency.

This is what you do.

Take a piece of fruit and put it in the bottom of a jar and then add a couple cm of coca cola. Cover the top of the jar in plastic wrap and poke some holes in it. Make the holes big enough for the flies to get in. Luckily they aren’t very smart so they won’t be able to figure out how to get out. Nor will they want to because you have just provided them with fruit fly paradise, sweet fruit swimming in a bath of sweet liquid which unbeknownst to them will send them to a liquidy death. Give it a couple days and you will find all those pesky fruit flies, that were making quick work of your fruit bowl, are now trapped in the jar. All you have to do now is pour them out and start over with a new batch of death syrup.

Now every time I enter the kitchen I catch myself lifting up the jar to eye level to see how many more have succumbed to my clever little trap, feeling an irrational sense of satisfaction at my success. I  think I might be enjoying this murderous little activity a bit too much.