Restaurant Review Cafe Sommarsko-Copenhagen

Cafe Sommarsko, Kronprinsensgade 6 CPH

After a lovely party and over night at Trephene’s, she dropped us off at the train station. As we were heading to the platform The Man did a Max’s Mom works at Polern och Pyret. This means every time we are here you say the exact same thing, which was there is a really nice grocery store next to Tivoli. Thus, I said okay let’s go see this store. Only problem was they were closed for renovation. Not to give up we headed to one of Irma’s other locations. Off into town we walked. Said walk and tour of Irma left us peckish. So we went to one of my favorites, Cafe Sommarsko.

Cafe Sommarsko is just off Ströget, the high street. While Ströget is a touch touristy and I would normally recommend getting of the beaten path, there are a few gems tucked away. Sommarsko is one of mine. My intial attraction to this Cafe, or diner I would say, was all about the cozy atmosphere. Turns out their food is pretty good too.

The past week I have been hankering for raw meat and sashimi so I ordered the Steak Tatar and The Man ordered the Chicken Cesar upon my recommendation. It has been a few years ago since I have eaten there, I remembered the Cesar Salad being rather good despite not being entirely authentic. There has been nothing, but improvement. The Cesar is now the real deal, giving me a bit of solace. The steak tartar was exactly what I needed. Being I am rather sensitive to raw onion I was pleasantly surprised. There was just the right ratio of onions and capers. The mustard, pesto sauce dotting my plate was also much appreciated and complimented the tatar perfectly.

So all in all we left very happy as our plates reveal. While there is a plethora of better places in CPH, I can warmly recommend Sommarsko as a casual lunch spot.

hat's left of the cesar!

Steak Tartar never mind the dill.



FOOD ♥♥♥♥-this is the perfect place for an afternoon lunch.

SERVICE ♥♥♥ the waitresses seemed rather stressed, so I would say they were under staffed. However, she did ask about our meal which is an unusual occurence in Scandinavia.

ATMOSPHERE ♥♥♥♥-I really like the interior. It has a French/New York feel to it.

PRICE Food ♥♥♥ Drinks ♥♥♥

Kronprinsensgade 6