Chicken Kiev

I haven’t tried this yet. I just found it while looking for a langos recipe. I have always done Chicken Kiev the hard way. Pounding out the chicken breast. Putting the frozen butter in the middle then sewing it up to seal the sides and then battering it. Then baking it in the oven. And the butter almost always leaks out. It’s the herb butter that is what this recipe is all about. Youwnat in your chicken not in the bottom of the baking dish. So MAYBE this version works better!  You tell me.

So tonight there will be home-made langos. Forget those over priced super tiny langos coming up at the festival next week. I am going to make the big wide lovely langos with the smoked cheese topping I ate at Lake Balaton in Hungary this summer. Yeah I keep sayign I am going to go healthy but I don’t see that happening.