Italian pasta with a Asian inspired shrimp topping. And I refuse to say fusion!

Okay just a little sidebar before I get back to the kitchen to make some chicken taquitos.

After making 72 Swedish meatballs, a pile of assorted wontons and 14 Texan style breakfast sausages it was time for dinner.

Quick and easy I thought so pasta as planned, my usual butter mizithra with shrimps and broccoli. Yes, you have seen it here before. So, why am I mentioning it again? Because I added a few axillary ingredients and made an all new tasting dish. And that is pretty exciting when the main ingredients are identical to my previous recipe.



My half eaten plate!

Butter Mizithra Pasta with Asian Shrimp Saute-serves 2. 15 mins cooking time.




1 Cup of frozen cocktail style Prawns

4 Broccoli bouqets sliced in two and lightly steamed

2 Garlics chopped finely

2 inches of Lemon Grass chopped finely

2 TBS Butter to saute shrimps

2 TBS Browned Butter

Splash of oil

Splash of Fish Sauce might stink like your dirtiest socks, but it adds great flavor.

2 TBS Black sesame Seeds

1/2 Cup Peccorino freshly grated with the small teeth.

Spaghetti for 2 people




Set your pasta water to boil. Take out your frozen prawns and rinse them in cold water to defrost and set to the side. Normally you don’t want to do that as it will suck the flavor out of your shrimp, but in this instance it really doesn’t matter. Then put your broccoli on steam. Keep it crunchy, so remove it from the steamer after a few minutes and put to the side. In the mean time chop up your garlic and lemon grass. Heat up your frying pan adding 2 TBS of butter and the cooking oil. Not too much.

Add your pasta to the boiling water. In the mean time begin sautéing your shrimps and broccoli. While that is going on brown 2 TBS of butter. When that is done add your garlic and lemon grass to the shrimps and broccoli. Just before you are ready to drain your pasta splash the fish sauce and the black sesame seeds over the shrimps and stir.

Drain your pasta then put it back into the boiling pot. Then pour the browned butter over the top and mix well. Put the pasta on a plate and top first with the shrimp mix then with a large handful of peccorino.

They you are a totally new dish with the same base ingredients. the fish sauce really gives the shrimp a lovely kick that works great with the peccorino. All in all it honestly only took me 15 minutes to whip up!  I swear! I do.