Restaurang Asien

Restaurang Asien July 2010

Better be careful what I say here! No need to start a family feud. It just so happens The Man’s brother’s girlfriend is niece to the owner etc. etc.

In all honesty though I have nothing, but great things to say about Restaurang Asien’s phở!  I have eaten a wide range of their dishes, but every time I have phở I wonder why I ever order anything else. Phở is a Vietnamese rice noodle soup with a clear broth. It is also Restaurang Asien’s specialty and with good reason. It’s delicious. This time around I order the seafood soup, it wasn’t labeled a pho on the menu, but it was in principle the same type of soup. While it was as spicy as the menu said it would be, it had the most amazing flavor. It was well worth the sweat and the 2 large glasses of lemonade. I can’t help, but wonder how you get a clear broth to carry such complex flavors.

The soups are all served with a plate of fresh herbs, sprouts and a pair of scissors. I really like the interactive element this provides. It gives you control over what herbs and how many will compliment your soup. Especially since I am die hard hater of Thai basil.

The remainder of the menu is also good, but won’t knock your socks off. However, I think the prices do a very god job of reflecting what kind of food you will get. When I am not having the  soup I generally order the fried rice with shrimps, a particular take away favorite. In fact al of the shrimp dishes I have tried have been good. But, as I said nothing goes up against their Phở.

And a little insider tip! The fresh spring rolls were originally served with fish sauce, but the name scared people off so now it is served with a Hoisin. Ask for the fish sauce, it is NOT fishy in the remotest and very nice with the fresh spring rolls.

FOOD ♥♥♥ The Phở gets ♥♥♥♥


ATMOSPHERE ♥♥♥ It’s been recently re-decorated and has a new fresh feeling. Lovely bathroom BTW

PRICE ♥♥♥♥



Ystadsgatan 17

214 24 Malmö

Tel. +46 (0)40 92 94 37