Mitt i Maten at Mellby Skolan- A Huge Disappointment

Mitt i Maten, Mellby Skolan utanför Kivik

Unfortunately a lovely little restaurant is no more. As it’s been a few years since I last visited  the restaurant I remember, I am not entirely sure when it ceased to exist or what it was called, though I suspect it was known as restaurant Någorlunda. Mellby Skola is now home to Mitt i Maten, a big disappointment and a shadow of what was. The cozy little spot in the school basement is now a ho hum restaurant. Apparently the building that once housed Mellby Skolan was bought a year ago by a couple with a musical background tired of life on tour.

I was introduced to the restaurant I remember at Mellby skolan by duh dah Lene Endré and her husband Richard Hobert 10 years ago.  How is it I was hob nobbing with these Swedish movie people? I was working as a photo assistant to Per Anders Jögenssen who was on assignment for Månads Journalen. It was my job to alternate between pack horse, light supervisor and camera maintenance. What I got for my efforts was a daily meal or two. On this occasion it was a lovely dinner at the Mellby Skolan restaurant that preceded Mitt i Maten. A place I was always happy to return to.

Mitt i Maten has been redecorated, while it isn’t awful it is in no way an improvement. In fact all of the previous charm has up and disappeared. The service while friendly was decidedly disorganized not too mention sloooow. The food while not awful was very, very average. My lamb chops arrived cold to the table. Due to the fact it took them no less than an hour to deliver our plates, and we had to ask for our drinks while we waited, I did not dare send them back for fear it may take an additional hour before I got them back. Never mind I had to ask for our cutlery after waiting several minutes staring at my plate. I couldn’t help, but notice a couple in the corner waited no less than 45 minutes for 2 cups of coffee and 2 slices of chocolate cake, completely inexcusable. Having a birds eye view of the waiting staff I still can’t figure out what on earth it was holding them up. They were scurrying back and forth, but nothing seemed to really get done.

The Troubadour in the corner, which otherwise would have been a pleasant distraction, became annoying with his incessant need to ask the restaurant guests if his music was too loud. It didn’t help that he ended this repeated question with the same long winded explanation of his concern at the end of each song. Going as far as walking to each table and asking us if the volume was acceptable. Considering the size of the room this was nothing but anxiety ridden over kill. So, Dear Troubadour ask the once then leave it alone.

The Man felt it was a totally fine experience if not slow. Neither great nor poor. Having known what was on offer previously I was left disappointed if not plain saddened by the whole experience.

If you ask me I am going to say skip it unless you are interested in just an average dinner with really slow service.


SERVICE ♥♥ Friendly, but disorganized and very, very slow.

ATMOSPHERE ♥♥ Reminds one of an average coffee shop.

PRICE Food ♥♥.♥ I am undecided here, the food was average. The price a bit above average.

Mellby Skola

Södra Mellby

Mellby stora väg 9

277 35 Kivik


Tel: 0414-702 16