Mix Mat, City Gross in Rosengård, where the white cabbage is wide.

Rosengård became an international celebrity not that long ago when an ultra conservative Christian group from the US began to use the ills of Rosengård as an example. An example of what? Of how dangerous it is to have Muslim immigrants in your country. This irritated me to no end. First off they took more or less everything out of context.  Apparently the whole of Malmö was burning to the ground. Apparently we were all running for cover and were absolutely terrified of sharing our personal space with “those people”. What do I have to say about that? The situation was grossly exaggerated and this reporter didn’t even hint at the why’s of the situation. Sensationalism at it’s worst. There are many factors/parties to blame Rosengård on, religion isn’t one of them . If you ask me The Moral Christian Majority need to mind their own business and maybe, just maybe try being honest about themsleves before they start yelling fire, fire, fire! Oh and maybe GET THEIR FACTS STRAIGHT!

And for the record we sit next to each other on the buses, trains and planes. We live next door to each other. We buy from each others shops. We live side by side and we do it a lot better than most. Get with the program the world is integrating. We just need to start getting better at figuring it out.

But, I digress and this is a discussion for another sort of blog.

Let’s put it this way I do almost all my grocery shopping in Rosengård. Luckily the frustration plaguing this area hasn’t affected the shopping center.

What once was Germany’s Lidl is now Mix Mat, an inspiringly eclectic grocery store with goods that cater to the so called ethnic. While it didn’t really go down like this, it felt like Rosengård said we don’t want your German import we want our own food. So they created the store they wanted and needed. But, what really happened was Shorish Salih slowly expanded his import store over the years and has now moved to Rosengård centrum.

What you will find is an assortment of foods from all over the world, primarily from the Middle East. It’s a rather big location so there is plenty to look at and wonder over. Being an explorer I try and buy at least one unknown item to try out. Sometimes it’s all thumbs up and sometimes it’s blah blah pfaaf. The pickled wild cucumbers interesting, the pickled plums never again. But, no matter what you will find a good many things that you like, need and want. If you stay away from the Swedish selection you’ll get it at a bargain as well.

Note: I can’t rag on them for the Swedish as my written Swedish is questionable on a good day, but they seem to have created a hybrid of sorts. Something between Swedish, Danish and the phonetics of Swedish. Makes me feel right at home.

Vidkål=Vitkål……….Wide cabbage=White Cabbage


Decker keeping an eye on things from his special chair. He does have manners keeps his paws off.



Yesterday The Man and I spent a good hour slowly cruising the shelves at Mix Mat. 500 sek later we left with 4 bags filled to the brim with fruits, vegetables, meats, pastas, fish and more. The vegetable selection can be a bit if’y however when it is good it’s really good. And the meat is top notch and cheaper than you will find anywhere else. While you will never know for sure what they will have available you can always ask them if they have it in the back. If they do they will cut it for you. All manner of exotic fish. We bought a frozen Tilapia, whole to try out in contrast to the fillets that are my current favorite.

What ever you can’t find at Mix Mat you will find at my other favorite spot City Gross just next door. There is no store in Malmö that competes with City Gross for price and selection. However, the Lund City Gross fell flat.


This is what 500 sek will get you at Mix Mat. A bit of this a bit of that, fish, lamb chops and Entrecote to go with those veggies.


Finding bicarbonate in large quantities in Sweden is no longer a problem and my friends will no longer be required to bring me Arm & Hammer from the US. I use it for more than cooking. It's a great body scrub, removes the residue from you hair like nothing else, cleans the inside of glass bottles to sparkling, keeps fridge smelling fresh...


Some herb cheese balls to test and gourmet butter, unsalted mind you. : (


Yummy, yummy apricots, plums, ripe mangos, cauliflower...


Smoked Cheese-the kind your meant to use on a fluffy Langos.


Don't know what this was but it was BIG.