Nanami No Frills Sushi at No Frills Prices-I approve.

Nanami July 2010

Having been craving sushi for the last week I decide it was time for a solitary lunch with some raw fish and pads of rice. We talked about Nanami last night, a small gang of us. What is the problem with Nanami we wondered, why is it so empty? Besides not having a lot of clientele nothing I can see is wrong with the place. Basically I think the biggest problem is location. They are just above Triangeln on one of Malmö’s ugliest, more boring streets. The shops surrounding Nanami are motley and rather uninteresting. It’s just not the street you think of when you feel like eating out.

Which is unfortunate. I think they serve a very price worthy sushi lunch. Today I got an 11 piece sushi for 85 sek. That isn’t bad. What’s better is the sushi chef knows how to make the rice, flavorful but not over powering which is usually the norm in this town, vinegary sushi rice. The rice is compact and the rolls stay together. Also unusual in this town. So, I will happily recommend Nanami for lunch.

The prices are good, the sushi is better than you will get at either Koi or Haj or almost anywhere else for that matter. It’s a no frills sushi bar that serves up a steady quality of no frills sushi at a no frills price. So do them a favor go for a visit.

FOOD ♥♥♥

SERVICE ♥♥ it is neither here nor their but friendly.

ATMOSPHERE ♥♥♥-they have the water carried sushi which is novel. there is a name for it I just can’t remember.

PRICE Food ♥♥♥♥ Drinks ♥♥♥


S.Förstadsgatan 65A

214 20 Malmö

040-236 555