Female charm, Tomboy Brawn and Märtas in Limhamn where it’s all homemade.

My friend Stephanie cocked her head and gave me her smile and asked can you help me with my flowers. My answer was a resounding OF COURSE. See I have made close observation of her when she wasn’t looking. It seems that the mid-Western girls have a something we California girls don’t, feminine charm. She can get ANYONE to do ANYTHING for her with a mere wink of the eye and a smile. And ANYONE will do it with a grin slapped across their face. I love to sit back and take notes, not that these notes have been even remotely fruitful. My wink and smile gets me that look you get when someone thinks your trying to trick them into something awful. So I just have to live with my tomboy charms that I am sure give me advantages too, like changing my own oil, drilling my own holes into the wall, skinning my own deer… It was doomed to happen to a girl only child on an all boy street with a dad that taught you how to punch with Sugar Ray Lenard follow through.

Nah Stephanie is awaiting baby and she needed help lifting and of course I am going to say yes to that and of course she should ask!  And Stephanie is always the woman of much thanks!  That is how I ended up at Märtas, she took me out for lunch to say thanks for your tomboy brawn.



To put it bluntly my grilled vegetable sandwich on a loaf of sour dough with a mayo/italian dressing brought tears to my eyes. I knew instantly that these flavors don’t come from a can. Märtas philosophy is to make it all in house, HOME MADE PEOPLE!

I spoke to the proprietor of Märtas to find out what and how and why and I liked what I heard. Of course I forgot to remember his name or did I even ask for it? However, Märtas began when The Owner, having lunch with his computer colleagues, said if this was my place I would do this and that and this and that. You know what I am going to start a cafe here. The computer colleagues laughed and said sure you will. Not long after he did just that.

The Owner gave up the restaurant world many years ago leaving Petra Pumpa, a Skåne legend, and went into computers. Well, now he is back with a venegance.

Märtas is thought through to the last detail. From the marmalade to the cutlery. It is a girls paradise of shabby chic beauty complimented with flavors that come only from someone who has a true understanding of food and the dining experience. This is not a cafe for the sake of a cafe, but a cafe made with food love.

I took The Man out for lunch to pass on the thank you tradition. He had been a key supporter and doer for the preparations of my 40th birthday. Having learned that I more often than not make the better menu choice than he does, he had what she is having, the grilled vegetable sandwich on sour dough. He was stunned into repeat. This sandwich is freaking awesome. Oh my god, this sandwhich is freaking awesome. This sandwich is freaking awesome. Did you taste the paprica? This sandwich is freaking awesome.

So all in all I give Märtas a resounding 10 on a scale of 5, quite likely the only place that lives up to my stringent American standards. It is well worth the trip to Höllviken to try this place out on a sunny day.

FOOD ♥♥♥♥♥

SERVICE ♥♥♥♥♥ There was a problem with someones order and The Owner did as all owners should he brought them complimentary coffee and dessert. Good job Märtas!

ATMOSPHERE ♥♥♥♥♥ The detail is all there. Lovely.

PRICE Food ♥♥♥♥♥ The prices are surprisingly easy on the wallet. They would be entirely within their rights to charge more.


Falsterbovägen 51- found behind the realtors in the inner garden. Next door to Små prinser och sessor.

235 51 Höllviken


Tel: 040 45 51 91