Whole Grain Pasta with Anchovies and Green Pepper-A Small Snack.

I recently met my friend Kenden for dinner and drinks. It had been a long while since I had seen her last. We ate at an Indian restaurant at her request. Being she is Tibetan, grown up in India, she asked they make the dish India hot. The waiter protested saying the fumes from the spices would send the rest of the restaurant running for cover. He was right it was like tear gas.  The fumes burned our eyes, throat and lungs never mind what it might do to our tongues. However, once the smoke calmed the tear gas affect disappeared. The hot, hot flavor did not.

This of course required me to mention the time Kenden made Indian style tempura peppers. I asked are these peppers hot? She said, no they are green and mild. Being I love a bit of spice I thought oh yum as I took a bite and began to chew. As I tried to convince myself all was cool and calm, she did say they were mild chillies, the burn just increased with every movement of my mouth. The burn was starting to short circuit my common sense. I kept chewing waiting for the mild to appear. Finally, I said wow this is really hot. Kenden looks at the red of my face and says, SPIT IT OUT! This was agony like nothing I have ever experienced before or since. I have had some pretty spicy salsas in my day, but this was horror in a crispy batter. I began running involuntary circles around her apartment, hoping I might be able to out run my mouth, wondering if I called 911 or 112 would they be able to help me, at the very least amputate my mouth. As I passed through the kitchen in my rotation, I grabbed whatever I thought might help alleviate the pain, shoving it into my mouth. Nothing was working! I was very close to full blown panic. Finally Kenden with eyes all a worry, gave me a bowl of gummi candy. She said, sugar you need sugar. Damn if she wasn’t right. SUGAR is the fire eater. Not milk, not tortilla chips, or beer, just sugar. Oh the relief.

An hour later I asked Kenden, aren’t you going to have some of your battered peppers? NO!!!!!! I am afraid to now. I looked at her with narrowed eyes, you mean you haven’t even tasted them yet? No, she said sheepsihly. THEN HOW DID YOU KNOW THEY WEREN’T HOT! ….um ah they were green???

Moral to the story: I don’t care what color it is, when eating spicy have a bag of gummi candy in your pocket to save you from a cruel oral death.


So, last night I had one of these green monster babies in my fridge. Eyeing it with great suspicion I pulled it out. The Man and I are trying to be good with our eating, smaller portions, leaner meats, lots more vegetables, hold the carbs. Last night’s Caesar didn’t hold us as long as we had hoped, a healthy snack was in order.  Unfortunately what we have at home is pretty limited. We had almost the ingredients to do the Epicuré sardine pasta. So, I decided a tiny bowl of carbs with olive oil and a bit of fish can’t be all that bad.



Anchovy Pasta-A Small Snack


Whole Grain Pasta with Anchovies and GREEN PEPPER serves 2 snack bowls, takes 10 mins.



Small column of whole grain pasta

3 anchovy fillets chopped, substitute with sardines.

2 Small garlics chopped

1 Large Cherry Tomato quartered

Handful of parsley chopped

1/4 inch of green pepper chopped, yes it was spicy. Add more if you want more heat.

Small handful of parmesan grated large

Olive Oil




Start the pasta water. In the mean time chop up the anchovies, garlic, green pepper , tomato and parsley. Grate your cheese. When the water is boiling add your pasta. This is a snack, so a small amount. Then in a pan heat up your olive oil on medium heat. Don’t let the oil smoke. Add the ingredients you chopped up. Not the parmesan. Saute lightly while the pasta cooks, keep your tomatoes intact. In other words don’t smoosh them in the pan.When the tomatoes are slightly softened put them to the side. When the pasta is ready drain it, return to pot and add the olive oil, fish mixture to it and toss well. Then separate into two bowls and top with parmesan and the tomatoes.