Chris Isaak and food how does that go together? It doesn’t. -Leif’s BBQ Sauce just because.

IT DOES NOT! Food Schmooed! I just want to talk about last nights events.

Chris Isaak at KB-Malmö, Sweden

Chris Isaak at KB-Malmö, Sweden

Chris Isaak at KB-Malmö, Sweden








It’s fun to feel like a silly teenager and it’s even more fun to do it and not care what anyone thinks about you unlike a teenager. That is the advantage of getting older! That is the secret that you can’t explain to the insecure, teenager who thinks they are in the prime of their lives and won’t know cool ever again once they hit legal adulthood. I heard the other day from a guy not long out of his teen-dome that teenagers are having mid-life crisis now a days. My brow knotted together. What on earth did he mean?

When you are a teenager, getting your first taste of autonomy, things seem to get a bit confused. First off we think that we are the only cool there is, which is soooo not the case, but you don’t realize this until much,much later. I say this as I think to myself, but I was cool.  Everything beyond that is just old-school nerdy. Secondly, we see our parents harassed looks on their faces and swear that will never be me, never realizing that we have been a significant contributor to that look, with the sleep deprivation, mood swings and snorky know-it-all attitudes we inflict on our parents on a whim. Thirdly, we don’t realize while we are not ignorant, we still know pretty much nothing at all. Speaking for myself now.

Seems that teenagers today have taken teenage angst to a new level. They aren’t just worrying about what they are going to be, but they are think that everything 20+ is over the hill. That their lives are over and they have no future ahead of them. A midlife crisis. Never mind they haven’t even reached the first quarter. The cool is gone, baby gone. This both amused me and made me very sad at the same time. I thought holy colada here I am hitting 40 in a couple weeks and while some things could be better and I wish I had been more gutsy in my decisions, life only gets better. Primarily because I am less and less prisoner to what other people think of me. That is freedom. A freedom that increase with every year that goes by. I am still dealing, but dealing is a heck of a lot easier when the only person you are dealing with is you! Ok, I do care what people think of me, but only in relationship to how arbitrary the opinion being directed at me is.

Looking back I realize that too many of the things that stressed me out as a teenager/20 something, were not only minor and constructed, but they were holding me back from the best of what I could be. I cherish the internal freedom I have today. I like the moments when I allow myself to be the whole me without fear of judgment, my judgment. Laughing, singing along, swinging my hips, expressing joy unheeded, making an ass of myself, blushing then laughing and re-telling the story to anyone who will stop and listen then laugh with me.

So, last night I had the privilege of seeing Chris Isaak and his band on stage at KB. The venue was small and intimate just how I  like it. No matter where you stand you can see the color of their eyes and the sweat rolling off their chins. Isaak has always fascinated me. Not just for his music, but very much for his genuine persona.  Not that I know anything about the man behind the scene really. But, there is something about him that says he isn’t too far off from the person his audience has learned to adore. Funny, quick to smile, self effacing, genuine, quirky and well, honest. He gives the impression he really likes what he does and is dead serious about sharing that joy. Not for the fame, but because he likes to see people enjoy themselves as much as he does. All good in my book.

Like a deer in head lights. Holy crap batman I've got Chris Isaak in my arms!

Yes, I have a wee crush on him. And that is what I am excited about. I am still excited about the fact I got to put my arm around his waist and have my picture taken. I am excited I woke up this morning still excited. I am excited I am 40 and am still having crushes on rock stars. I am excited that I am not too cool to be excited even if it’s not cool in other peoples eyes.

So yeah, last night I decided I am to old not to have acted the groupie at least once.  So I got my autograph and my picture. As The Man said, I am really happy to see you just geek out.Thank you to me for getting old enough to allow myself to just have fun with life. Thank you to The Man for buying me the tickets.  Thank you Chris for a great show and an even greater attitude about life!


Leigh’s BBQ sauce.

Okay this is Susan’s request. This recipe that was introduced to me by my X. It was invented by a man named Leif who grew up and has a sail boat in a small, once upon a time, fishing village called Vikhög found near Sweden’s now dormant nuclear power plant.

This is a great BBQ recipe it works on everything, but in particular on fläskkarre which I hven’t got the slightest clue what it would be called in English. I don’t think the cut actually exists in the US. Which is unfortunate as fläskkarre is THE BEST bbq meat. It’s the neck of the pig.It has a nice fat marbling that keeps the meat from getting dry and chewy.

And guess what this recipe is mostly ketchup. AND I HATE KETCHUP so if I am promoting this it must be good.


1 Cup Ketchup

1 Garlic

4-5 Splashes Mushroom Soya regular soy will not work! Too salty.

1 TBS Basil

1-2 tsp Honey spun, creamy honey works best.


Okay you need to know that there are no exact measurements for this recipe. What you see above is approximations. Every time you make this recipe you have to taste your way to the correct results. It should be sweet, but tangy without being ketchupy.

How do you achieve that? Well, squeeze about a cup of ketchup into a bowl then splash the mushroom soy over the top. Add your garlic, basil and honey. It helps to warm the honey up so it will mix more evenly. Then taste it. if it is tastes to ketchupy add a dash of mushroom soy and a bit more honey. If it gets too sweet add a bit more soy. If it tastes too soy add some more ketchup.

The beauty of this recipe is that it has no oils in it so it won’t burn as easily on the grill. You can use it on pork, chicken, beef, vegetables… you name it.

Keep a bit of the BBQ sauce to the side so you can have it at the table to dip your meat in as you eat it.

Good luck and happy BBQing!