Yet another pasta recipe. Cauliflower, fresh pea and asparagus pasta with browned butter and parmesan.

Slightly irritated at The Man’s paralysis yesterday, I dug into the fridge to see what I could put together without having to go back out into the cold. Seems we miscommunicated. I said I wouldn’t be home super late which he interrupted to mean I would be home in an hour. While I am grumpily putting dinner together The Man says, I need to just take more executive decisions. I keep saying that, I reply. But, you said you were coming home in an hour and I didn’t want to make food and have you mad at me cause we didn’t wait for you. Hang on, I didn’t say I would be home in an hour. The Man, yes you did, as he repeats back my sms. What? How do you change I won’t be home super late to I’ll be back in an hour? The man, I don’t know? Funny face follows. So you haven’t eaten since i left? No. Why not, I left 5 hours ago… I was waiting for you. Next time just save me some left overs if your not sure.

A classic relationship SNAFU.

So people! Male, female, what have you, lesson to be learned here. If nothing else is said, make you, your friends, your family dinner when they or you are hungry. Don’t rely on The Cook in the house to always be there when you get peckish. Just save them some leftovers for when they get home. It will be loved and appreciated, unless you leave a pile of unending pots and pans for them to clean. If they don’t appreciate it they are control freaks and need to practice non-control. Cook, you need to be open to eating what is served and being appreciative of the effort. Cook also needs to be encouraging in the kitchen. Non-cook you might want to have a couple of dishes in your repertoire to keep it funky. Nothing grand, simple is often best.

As a preventative measure I must say that The Man does make me dinner when I get home from teaching my night courses. He is still a star.


In the fridge I had a head of cauliflower, marrowfat peas in the pod, two asparagus sprigs, butter and parmesan. Pasta in the cupboard.

Allt Om Frukt och Grönt has moved house and developed into a proper grocery store. (More about this later) They have an interesting veggie section with an array of fairly uncommon vegetables in Sweden. For instance marrowfat peas in the pod.

I remember as a kid, watching movie scenes where Ma would be sitting in a rocker on the porch shucking giant barrels of pea’s. I also remember thinking wow that is a lot of tedious work glad I don’t have to do all that. But I have come to realize it doesn’t have to be tedious. First off most of us don’t live on a farm with 6 hungry mouths to feed and a horse drawn plow. We don’t have to buy a barrel at a time either nor do we have to shuck them all at once.

So, while at Allt Om Frukt och Grönt I bought a box of marrow fat peas in the pod.  Over the week I have been pulling out the odd handful to use in salads, on pasta and along side scrambled eggs and bacon. Really takes no time at all and they taste great. So, don’t let a little down home ingredients intimidate you.

Broccoli, pea, asparagus pasta with parmesan

Cauliflower, fresh pea and asparagus pasta with browned butter and parmesan. Serves 2 takes 15 minutes.


6 Cauliflower florets sliced thin.

2 Asparagus spears more if you have

15 Pods of Marrow Fat Peas shucked

1 Spring onion chopped

2 Large Garlics chopped

3 TBS Butter

2 TBS Olive Oil

Lots and lots of Parmesan

Herb Salt and Secret Spice-Santa Maria Roasted Garlic and Pepper grinder spice. Use it ALLLLLL the time. It doesn’t cost us 10 bucks though.

Pasta for 2


Start your pasta water. Then slice up the cauliflower floretes, snap the asparagus and steam very slightly. You want them pliable, but crunchy. Shuck your peas while you melt 1 TBS butter and the olive oil on medium heat.  Take your steamed vegetables and begin to saute them in the pan. You want them to get slightly brown. When about halfway through the saute add the spring onions and the peas. Just before you are done toss in the garlic and season with the herb salt and secret spice. Then put to the side.

While the pasta is boiling. Brown the remaining 2 TBS of butter. You can also add a small amount of garlic here if you want added flavor. Grate your parmesan with the large teeth.

When the pasta is done pour off the water then toss it with the browned butter. Place it on the plates and top with the vegetable saute and the parmesan.

I served this with 1 large crouton each sautéed in the pan along side the vegetables. I used a bit of left over baguette I had laying around. Slice thinly then simply brush with olive oil on both sides.  Sprinkle a little salt and herb salt over both sides and when you flip them in the pan sprinkle a pinch of parmesan on the one side. Done.

It all took about 15 minutes. Including the shuck.