Kimchi Cole Slaw, BBQ and Swedish Weather!

Pretending Spring in the Park, Malmö 2008 Sun with a hint of goose bumps.

Here I was going to start a series of BBQ recipes and then the weather goes from cold, but sunny to cold, grey, wet and depressing.

Commenting on the weather is a Scandinavian past time that is impossible not to adopt despite the redundancy. I am currently blaming Susan and Stephanie for calling the current weather conditions forth. You see, while the one is still safe in the sunny embrace of S. Africa and the other newly arrived, they are both boo hooing about the cold here. While, I the Californian, has weathered her 16th consecutive winter in Skåne.

I love snow, the Swedes I know do not. I hate rain, Swedes I know prefer it. I worship the sun at all times, everyone else complains it’s too hot. Now the Scandinavians are going to hate me for saying this, but I am going to say it anyway. Whenever we non-natives woo is me about the dark and the damp, someone will inevitably say, but when it is nice in Scandinavia it’s really nice and you appreciate it more. I know your trying to be a positive thinker and that is commendable, but Bah humbug! It’s the sort of comment one finds as annoying as, there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing. Tell that to the Franklin Expedition or the Donner Party after they ate their frozen friends, winter clothes and all.

I find myself getting almost angry at the sun when it returns. What the heck took you so long? You may as well just not show up at all! Humph. Then there is the sun anxiety that I could have died very happily without ever having experienced. You see when you have survived the long dark hours of winter, as mad as you might be at the sun, you start to act like a girl in love with a fickle boy. You pine for the sun to return and when it does you are afraid to let it out of your sight for fear it might sneak off again and this time never return. Thus, you sit at your work desk with one eye on the window, while you suffer an inner anxiety you just can’t shake, because you feel guilty you aren’t outside soaking up every ray being sent to earth. As Midsummer passes you start to lament the fact that the sun is now beginning to wane once again and winter is coming to get you.

California has it’s own issues, besides the odd drive by shooting and road rage, we have constant drought, mudslides when it does rain, hungry fires and let’s not forget the old earth quake weather. However, we also have the advantage of being able to chose the winter experience. We  take ourselves physically to the cold, rain and the snow when we have a hankering for winter cozy. Then we leave it behind when we have had our fill, usually takes about two hours. I guess the point I am trying to make is I don’t need several months of dark days and cold temperatures to appreciate a beautiful, sunny day. Sunny, warm weather is always and shall always be a much loved guest at my table.


It really is called pointed cabbage. This one isn't very pointy though.

Kimchi Base









Kimchi Cole Slaw serves 4-6


1 medium head Pointed Cabbage/Spetskål sliced, can also use regular white cabbage

1 Celery stalk sliced thinly

3 Radishes sliced thinly

1 Spring Onion sliced thinly and sauteed

2 TBS/MSK Creme Fraiché not sour cream!

1 Mayo

Splash Lemon Juice

1-2 tsp Kimchi Base

Salt to taste


Chop up your vegetables and saute your spring onion in some olive oil or butter. Then add everything to a mixing owl and add the rest of the ingredients. Mix well and let sit for 30 mins or so before serving.

Serve with BBQ or any other place Cole Slaw might be present.

Note: I threw something similar together the past weekend and I have to say it fell flat. I didn’t have the radishes and I used gräddfill/sour cream instead. Just didn’t have the right flavor or consistency. Too watery. So stick to the creme fraiché.

What is Kimchi Base and where to find it?

Kimchi Base is a mix of chilli, shrimp, bonito stock, vinegar, ginger, tangle and much more. It is meant to be used to make the traditional kimchi. I couldn’t find it in Seoul. I am guessing this is due to the fact they have about 100 different types of prepared kimchi in their markets. Kimchi base is manufactured in Japan I am assuming for the ex-pats.

You will find it in your Asian stores. I found it in Riverside at a fish/asain food market near my Gran’s Stater Brothers. In Sweden you can find it at the Asian markets on Möllan.